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Buy on the move with Trenitalia

Download the Trenitalia App for smartphones!

Trenitalia App, available for iPhones, iPads and Android devices*, allows you to buy your tickets for national and regional travel, display, change, apply for a refund of purchased travel tickets ... and much more!

With Trenitalia App you can also:

  • buy tickets for individual journeys with more connecting trains;
  • buy regional tickets for more than one passenger;
  • display the best price for individual travel solutions;
  • display and even change travel tickets bought on
  • access the private area, and view your points balance and your CartaFRECCIA account statement;
  • display the departures board as if you were in the station;
  • pay through PayPal;
  • add the ticket to the Apple Wallet;
  • access the section dedicated to reporting problems or giving suggestions.

Download the Trenitalia App directly from Apple Store and Google Play.

Disponibile su Apple Store   Disponibile su Google Play

*To buy with the Trenitalia App, you must be registered on this site.

  • Find out the Trenitalia mobile version!

    Access the  Trenitalia site via your mobile phone and check out how simple it is to look for the information you are interested in and buy tickets.

    With the mobile version, which is fully usable from a smartphone, you can:

    • search for offers and solutions with the best price;
    • buy a ticket even without registration;
    • change your reservations and purchased travel tickets;
    • access recent searches and check the status of trains;
    • choose a seat next to another passenger;
    • access the private area and view your CartaFRECCIA points balance and recent journeys.

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    To learn more, consult the Buyer's Guide and FAQs