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FrecciaSENIOR Offer

CartaFRECCIA members who are over 60 years of age can travel by train for €29 and €39

If you are a CartaFRECCIA member and over 60 years of age, you can travel on Frecciarossa and Frecciargento trains for €29 and €39 depending on your chosen route.

This offer is valid for travel in Standard and 2nd class, and can be purchased from all sales channels and authorised travel agencies, up until midnight on the second day prior to the date of departure. 

The offer cannot be modified and is non-refundable.  

If you are not yet a CartaFRECCIA member, sign up now by clicking here or from the Trenitalia app.

  • Further information

    • Changes to booking (date/time): not permitted
    • Ticket changes (route, no. of passengers, class/service, etc.): not permitted
    • Refunds: not permitted
    • Access to another train: not permitted.

    This offer is only available for a limited number of seats and subject to change, depending on the day, the train and class or service level in question.

These prices do not apply to train journeys on routes for which the Base price fare is below €38.