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The Intercity train is the most affordable and widespread means of rail transport, with 102 connections every day, you can reach small, medium and large cities and travel direct to your destination, without having to change trains. Whether you want to travel to seaside towns or destinations nestled in the mountains or Italy’s famous cities of art. Discover the thrill of traveling on Intercity!

The main connections are:

  • Northern Tyrrhenian Line: Departures from certain northern cities, such as Turin, Milan, Genoa, Ventimiglia, to the towns on the Ligurian and Tuscan coasts, down to Rome, Naples and Salerno, and vice versa. With a regular connection, you can also reach Bardonecchia from Genoa and Turin.
  • Southern Tyrrhenian Line: Departures from Rome to Calabria and Sicily, arriving in the centre of the main towns on the southern coast, and vice versa;
  • Adriatic Line: Departures from Milan and Bologna, travelling through the entire Adriatic coast to Bari, Taranto and Lecce.
  • Sicily Line: Departures from Rome to Messina, Syracuse and Palermo.

In addition, there are further connections from Rome to Trieste, Perugia, Ancona, Taranto, Bari, Florence and Salerno; from Milan to Terni and down to Naples and Salerno, plus, with a regular connection, also as far as Reggio Calabria; from Naples to Bari; from Reggio Calabria to Taranto. 

So, what are you waiting for? Set off today with Intercity.

  • Service levels

    -1st class: this service level provides you with maximum comfort on board.

    • With generous seating space (63-cm wide seats, 103-cm distance between seats and approximately 2.5 metres of leg-room).
    • Large folding tables for each seat on which to place your computer, book, coffee or favourite drink, as well as individual electrical sockets at every seat.
    • Coat hooks near the window.
    • Air conditioning and loudspeakers.

    -2nd class: The most affordable service without sacrificing on-board comfort.

    • With generous seating space (51-cm wide seats, 95-cm distance between seats and approximately 2.5 metres of leg-room).
    • Large folding tables and individual electrical sockets at every seat.
    • Coat hooks near the window.
    • Air conditioning.

    Snack Area: It’s time to take a break! Do you need a break?  In Coach 3, there is a new refreshment area with vending machines for hot or cold drinks and snacks that you can enjoy while gazing out at the different landscapes and views that file past the window.

    - Family Area: Travelling by train is now even more fun, especially for the little ones. The Family Area,  a coach dedicated to fun and entertainment for children with personalised interiors and games set up on the tables, is available in Coach 3. To travel in the Family area,  choose the 2nd Class service level and select a seat in Coach 3.

    - Bicycle transport service: Support the environment by hopping on board an Intercity train with your bike! With our bicycle transport service, your travel experience is now even more exciting and eco-friendly. If you wish to take your assembled bicycle with you on Intercity trains, if the service is available on your selected train, purchase the bike supplement. Each passenger is permitted to bring one bicycle only with them on board the train, subject to mandatory prior booking, at a supplementary price of €3.50. In Coach 3, there are 6 bicycle spaces where you can store your assembled bicycle on a bike rack in a vertical position, plus 2 e-bike charging ports.

    You may also bring a folding bicycle with you, provided it is disassembled or fully folded, stored in a bag and securely stowed in one of the spaces provided for luggage. This service is free of charge for one bicycle only. 

    Moreover in 2nd Class Coach 3, there is a seat specifically designated for people with reduced mobility (PRM) and their travelling companion. In addition, in the same coach, there is a fully equipped accessible toilet.

    You can enjoy ample space for your luggage, even large baggage items, at no extra cost, with no constraints or limits. To ensure hygiene and cleanliness, on-board cleaning personnel will be available for all your needs on every train.