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Castel Romano Designer Outlet Link

The Castel Romano Designer Outlet Link is the train + bus service connecting Roma Termini railway station with the Castel Romano Designer Outlet.
Each day
 from Roma Termini Station on Via Giolitti 48, there is a bus connection ready to take you to the outlet in comfort. Show a valid regional train ticket for Roma Termini at the outlet entrance and you will be given a Fashion Passport Card that entitles you to a 10% discount in the outlet’s shops.

To reach your desired destination, simply search on this site for “Castel Romano Outlet” and you will be able to purchase the train and shuttle bus tickets in one go. The price of the bus ticket includes a round trip journey. The bus stop at the Castel Romano Outlet is in the car park of the outlet. For opening times and days for the centre and the bus timetables, please see

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    The price of a return ticket to reach the Castel Romano Outlet by bus from the Roma Termini railway station is 15.00 euro, which will be added to the cost of the chosen train route.

    No discounts or reductions apply to the Cilia Italia S.r.l. fare.

    The bus service ticket for the Roma Termini FS-Castel Romano Outlet route cannot be purchased individually on Trenitalia’s systems or points of sale. Where represented by a single ticket, the sale of the Trenitalia train service and Cilia Italia S.r.l. shuttle bus service refers to separate transport contracts between each carrier and as such, must be considered also with regard to relations with customers. Any customer complaints or reports shall thus be handled by the carrier to whom they refer. 

    Children under the age of 10 travel free on Cilia Itali S.rl. buses to/from the Castel Romano Outlet.

    More information on road transport can be found at