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“Bimbi gratis” (Children travel for free) offer: children under 15 years of age travel for free

The “Bimbi gratis” offer is reserved for family groups of 2 to 5 people. The offer allows children under 15 to travel for free and adults to travel with a 40% discount on the Base price on Frecce and Intercity trains

The group must consist of at least one adult and one child under the age of 15.

Changes to this offer are permitted and passengers may request a refund, subject to a 20% deduction to the original amount paid.

  • How to purchase the offer

    The offer is valid for travel in first and second class and in Business, Premium and Standard service levels on all Frecciarossa, Frecciargento, Frecciabianca and Intercity trains. Night trains, Executive service levels and private compartments are excluded.

    This offer may be purchased up to midnight on the second day before the departure of your train from ticket offices, authorised travel agencies, Self Service machines, on this website, via the Trenitalia app or by calling the Call Centre (premium-rate number)

    To purchase the offer on this website:

    • enter the number of passengers into the required field (at least 1 adult and 1 child) 
    • find the journey you are interested in and choose the “Bimbi gratis” offer from the price list.

    The number of seats available is limited and subject to change
    , depending on the day of the week, train or class selected. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion or discount. 

    At the request of the staff on board the train, you will be required to show a valid form of personal identification to prove that you are an adult and a document or self-certification from the child’s parent indicating the child’s age.

  • Further information

    Booking Changes
    You may change the departure date/time free of charge only once, up to the departure time of the booked train, subject to seat availability for the offer in question. You can do this on our website or the Trenitalia app (for tickets purchased online), at ticket offices, authorised travel agencies or by calling the Trenitalia Call Centre. In case of a lack of seats available for the offer, you can change your ticket but you will be required to pay any resulting difference in price when compared with the full price. 

    Ticket Changes
    You may make changes to your ticket, free of charge, only once, up to the departure time of the booked train, by paying any resulting difference in price, at any ticket office, the travel agency where you purchased your ticket, by calling our Call Centre, on this website or the Trenitalia app. For tickets purchased online, you may make changes in the “Search for and change your ticket” section

    Passengers may request a refund, up to the departure time of the booked train, subject to a 20% deduction to the original amount paid.

    Boarding a train other than the one booked
    You are permitted to board another train for the same route from one hour before and up to one hour after the departure of the originally booked train, but passengers will be required to pay any difference in price compared to the full Base price for the train used and the amount already paid, plus a penalty fare of €10 per passenger.