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The environment, quality and safety

Trenitalia considers the quality of the services it provides, environmental protection, safeguarding the health and safety of its workers and energy efficiency to be strategic elements in the running of its business operations.

For this reason, it undertakes:

  • to meet and possibly anticipate the needs of its customers;
  • to prevent pollution by focusing on the raw materials cycle, in particular, with the aim of limiting waste generation and promoting its reuse through recycling or recovery;
  • to actively contribute to the fight against climate change by reducing CO2 emissions from industrial plants and the transport system;
  • to use natural resources in the most rational and efficient way, while reducing emissions (air, water, sound and electromagnetic) and impact on soil;
  • to prevent accidents and occupational illnesses by making workplace safety a consistent benchmark for every initiative that the Company intends to pursue;
  • to reduce energy consumption and increase the energy efficiency of its processes, operations, products and services, by promoting the use of renewable energy sources.

The policy outlined above is reevaluated on an annual basis during the “Management Review”.