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Frecciabianca connections and services

Frecciabianca trains run on traditional lines outside the High-Speed network, connecting medium and large cities and ensuring comfort and a high-quality service.

  • Connections

    Frecciabianca trains travel on the following routes:

    • Rome – Pisa – La Spezia – Genoa with extensions towards Milan or Turin and with stops in Civitavecchia, Grosseto, Campiglia M., Livorno, Viareggio and Massa.

    • Rome – Terni – Foligno – Pesaro – Rimini – Ravenna.

  • Frecciabianca trains

    ETR 460 trains are made up of 9 carriages, of which 3 are 1st class, 5 are 2nd class and 1 is the FRECCIABistrò carriage, for a total of 477 seats.

    Frecciabianca trains feature:

    • Spacious seats and folding seat tables
    • Air conditioning
    • Plug socket at each seat
    • Courtesy light at each seat
    • Coat hooks near the window 
    • Plenty of spaces for large-sized luggage 
    • Public address system for updates on the upcoming stations the train will stop at and on Trenitalia’s services 
    • Baby changing table in coach 3 available for all passengers

  • On-board services

    Catering services
    Click here to find out about the catering services available on board Frecciarossa trains.

    Cleaning during the journey
    There is an on-board cleaning service in operation on all Frecciabianca trains, to ensure the best standards of hygiene for toilet facilities and maintain the cleanliness of the train’s interiors.