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Do you want to travel by train with your four-legged friend? On our trains you can!

Small dogs, cats and other pets (provided they are inside a pet carrier that does not exceed 70 x 30 x 50 cm in size) can travel free of charge in First and Second class, on all train categories, and in Executive, Business, Premium and Standard service levels. Only one pet carrier permitted per passenger.

Larger dogs are also permitted to accompany you on your journey! Each passenger may travel with a dog of any size – provided it is kept on a leash and fitted with a muzzle – by purchasing a ticket at half the price of the regular fare for a Second class/Standard ticket for the desired route:

  • on InterCity (IC) and InterCity Notte (ICN) trains, this applies to both First and Second class fares;
  • on Frecciabianca, Frecciarossa and Frecciargento trains, this applies to First and Second class and to both Business and Standard service levels. Please note, this service is not available in Executive or Premium service levels, in the Working Area, the Quiet Zone or Private seating area (salottini);
  • on Regional trains with the exception of journeys from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. on weekdays from Monday to Friday;
  • in Sleeping carriages, Couchettes and Excelsior carriages, provided the entire compartment in question is purchased.

The ticket can be purchased from ticket offices at the station, Self service machines, authorised travel agencies, by calling our Call Centre and, for travel on national trains, also from this website and using the Trenitalia app.

Attention: please remember to carry your dog’s canine registry certificate and health booklet with you when travelling with your pet (or, for dog owners who are foreign nationals, your dog’s “pet passport” in lieu of both documents), which you will be required to present to on-board personnel; Without these documents, you will be fined and forced to get off the train at the next stop.

Guide dogs for the blind and partially sighted travel free of charge on all our trains without the need for any ticket.