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Book with Postoclick

Book with PostoClick

If you don’t have a credit card, PostoClick offers you a quick and easy way to book and purchase your ticket online, cash too:

  • book your ticket online, up to 24 hours before the departure of your train, completing the purchase procedure and selecting the Postoclick option on the summary and payment page;
  • pay for your booking, identified by the PNR code, within maximum 48 hours after booking and at least 24 hours before train departure, at one of the approved points.

You may confirm your booking also in your reserved area, in the section “ my journeys/manage my journeys” with Postoclick, paying for your ticket using your credit card or pre-paid card.

  • Pay for Postoclick at Unicredit cashpoints

    After booking your ticket with PostoClick, go to one of the 7,600 cashpoints of the Unicredit Group (UniCredit Banca, UniCredit Banca di Roma, Bipop Carire and Banco di Sicilia), insert your cashpoint card, access the section Other Functions >Top-ups – Payments - Information and select the Transport > Trenitalia Ticket Desk option, follow the instructions displayed until your payment is confirmed. You can use any cashpoint card issued by any bank.

    A surcharge of 1.50 euro per ticket applies.

  • Pay for Postoclick at Lottomatica retailers

    To confirm your booking, go to one of the 30,000 authorized shops (gaming outlets and tobacconist’s shops) and produce the PNR code received via e-mail.
    You will be issued a payment receipt that will allow you to board your train if you made your purchase selecting the ticketless option.
    A surcharge of 1.50 euro per ticket applies.

  • Pay for PostoClick at SISAL shops

    If you book your journey with PostoClick you can pay for your ticket cash directly at SISAL gaming outlets, with no need for a credit card.
    This service, offered in collaboration with Sisal, allows you to confirm your booking at one of the authorized 33,000 gaming outlets by providing the PNR code received via e-mail.
    A surcharge of 1.50 euro per ticket applies.

  • Pay for Postoclick at Self Service tellers

    You can purchase your ticket booked via PostoClick at Self Service tellers located at the main stations (or at station ticket offices if there are no Self Service tellers or the same are out of order). Follow the instructions displayed and collect your ticket. Remember to take the PNR code received via e-mail with you. You may pay in cash, with debit or credit card.
    No additional charges apply.

  • Travel Agencies and station ticket offices

    You can also pay PostoClick at Travel Agencies in Italy, (in cash, by cashpoint card, or by credit card), or at station ticket offices (in cash, by cashpoint card, or by credit card), or in the Customers Area of this website (by credit card).

    You can book with PostoClick calling the Call Center, too ( fee pay number

    Please note: If the booking payment fails, no amount is debited and the booking is cancelled for security reasons.