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Travelling by train with your bike

  • On national trains

    Now you no longer need to leave your bike at home!  
    You can bring a single bike free of charge (disassembled and contained in a bag or a fully closed folding bike) with you when you travel by train by placing it in the spaces provided for luggage. If there is not enough space, you can place it elsewhere, as long as it does not obstruct or inconvenience other customers or train staff. 
    In any case, the size should not exceed 80 x 110 x 45 cm.

  • On international trains

    You can also bring your bike with you on some international trains in a designated carriage or in the specific spaces provided in passenger carriages.  This excludes internal national routes. 

    International connections from Italy with “bike-on-board” services

    Italy-Switzerland trains

    Some Eurocity connections between Italy and Switzerland offer a bike-on-board service, on the Venice-Milan-Geneva, Milan-Basel and Milan-Zurich lines.

    To check whether the service is available on your train, look for the special symbol on the official timetable. 
    Due to the limited space available for bikes on board, it is advisable to enquire about availability and book your bike space before departure at ticket offices and Trenitalia travel agencies (bike reservation is not available on this site). 

    The bike surcharge can also be purchased on board the train at a price of €12.00, once the availability of remaining bike storage spaces has been checked, and only for departures from Italy (pre-reservation is mandatory for departures from Switzerland). 

    Italy-Germany and Italy-Austria trains 

    Night train services from Italy-Austria and Italy-Germany do not offer the “bike-on-board” service.

    Daytime trains offering the “bike-on-board” service between Italy, Austria and Germany on the Brenner line (e.g. Verona to Innsbruck or Munich and vice versa) are specifically indicated with the special symbol on the official timetable. 
    This service cannot be purchased at Trenitalia points of sale.

    For trains departing from Italy, passengers should contact the points of sale of the German (Deutsche Bahn-DB) and Austrian (Österreichische Bundesbahnen-OBB) railway companies both to check the availability of the service on the date you wish to travel, and to book and purchase a ticket for your bike. (Given the limited space for bikes on board, it is mandatory to book this service).

    If available, you can purchase the bike transport service directly on board the train, subject to the remaining availability of bike storage spaces (maximum one bicycle per passenger), at a price of €12.00.
    For departures from abroad, you will need to purchase the bike ticket from the railway company of the departure station of your train.


  • On regional trains

    On all regional trains – even those not marked with the special symbol – passengers are permitted to travel with a fully closed folding bicycle (even if not in the special bag) free of charge, provided that the size does not exceed 120 x 80 x 45 cm and does not cause danger or inconvenience to other passengers.

    On regional trains marked with the special symbol, and limited to available spaces, each passenger can take an assembled bicycle on board with them, by purchasing the bike surcharge, which is valid until 11:59 p.m. on the date indicated on the ticket or, alternatively, another second class single ticket.

    Train staff may not permit passengers to bring their bikes on board the train in the event that the transportation of your bike is deemed to be detrimental to the train service.