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Postoclick regulations

The PostoClick service allows customers to book tickets for seats, couchettes and wagon lits (WL), directly on this website, by mobile phone enabled for internet browsing at address or through the Call Center (pay number), and to later finalize their purchase by paying and picking up tickets (bookings and related train tickets) at the approved points.

It is possible to use PostoClick to book tickets for seats or couchettes and wagon lits for single journeys on Express trains, Intercity trains, Intercity Notte trains, Eurostar Italia trains and Eurostar Italia Alta Velocità trains, but limited to the types allowed for online sale, including promotional offers, except for the expressly excluded ones.
PostoClick cannot be used for international tickets, cumulative service tickets, season tickets, tickets based on integrated Regional Transport tariff systems, and all tickets issued under offers that cannot be sold on the Internet, including those to groups.

  • Booking

    Booking can be requested up to 24 hours before the train departure for seats, or 48 hours before for couchettes and wagon lits.

    To use the service, customers will interact with this website:

    • directly by connecting to the Internet, in this case userID and password are needed to access the online ticket desk;
    • through the Call Center operator - fee pay number to dial without area code from land line or mobile phone;
    • by TIM mobile phone able to connect to the internet - in this case you must connect to the WAP TIM mobile portal and enter the “En Route” area, or send an SMS to 44123 with text “Trenitalia”. You can thus access the Trenitalia services to see the train timetables for free, and from there go to the PostoClick service paying 1 Euro. 

    Once you have chosen the journey solution and pick-up procedure, you must select option “Deferred purchase with PostoClick ”. Afterwards, the system provides you with a transaction code (PNR), and the information about the tickets that will be issued.
    Usually each customer cannot have more than three requests in progress at the same time. If customers are Cartaviaggio holders, they can have up to 6 requests active at the same time.
    Customers can either confirm or cancel a PostoClick booking by entering the Customers Area, in the PostoClick section of this website.
    If customers need to make another request in addition to the ones available, they must pick up or pay for one of the active ones so as to restore their availability.

  • Ticket purchase and pick up

    Payments of bookings must be made within 48 hours from the booking, and in all cases at least 24 hours prior to the the train departure for seats and 48 hours for couchettes or WL.


    • Today at 17.00 you cannot make bookings for seats on trains leaving until 17.00 tomorrow;
    • Today at 17.00 you cannot make bookings for couchettes or WL on trains leaving until 17.00 the day after tomorrow.
    • If today you request a booking for a seat or for a couchette or WL on a train that departs in a week's time, you must make payment within 48 hours;
    • If you ask today at 17.00 to book a seat on a train departing tomorrow at 19.00, you have time until 19.00 today to make payment;
    • It you ask today at 17.00 to book a couchette or WL on a train departing the day after tomorrow at 19.00, you have time until 19.00 today to make payment;

    Tickets can be paid for and picked up: 

    1. at the Self Service tellers in the main stations (or at the station ticket desks where these tellers are either not installed or not operational) as allowed by the issuing system. In this case tickets are issued at the same time as payment.

    2. Through the Customers Area of this website either by credit card or by using the electronic bonus granted in case of previously experienced delays. In this case tickets are issued in ticketless mode, or can be picked up at a self-service teller, or are surface-mailed to the customer's address on request.

    3.  At the nearest Sisal desk (33,000 desks): travellers must submit their PNR code for the ticket, and pay € 1.50 depending on the payment method allowed by the Sisal desk, plus the ticket price. The operator will issue an initial provisional receipt bearing the booking information. After checking this information, the customer will pay according to the procedures provided for by the Sisal desk, and will obtain a receipt for the payment made. The receipt is not valid to travel even if it contains all the data about the journey. You must pick up the ticket at a self service teller, unless you previously chose the Ticketless solution. 

    4. At a travel agency in Italy (3,400 authorized agencies). In addition to the fare, you must pay a service charge of € 1,50, according to the agency's payment formalities. In this case, tickets will be issued directly by the agency unless you chose to travel with the Ticketless solution.

    5. At one of the 7,600 UniCredit Group's cashpoints with a cashpoint card of any bank. In this case, too, the customer will obtain a payment receipt and will have to pick up the ticket at a self service teller, or else get on the train directly if the Ticketless solution was chosen (the service costs an extra € 1.5 plus the ticket price). 

    6. At the shops of the Lottomatica network. In this case, too, the customer will obtain a payment receipt, and will then pick up the ticket at a self service teller, or will directly get on the train in case of Ticketless solution (during an initial promotional phase until Feb. 28, 2011 no extra charge is to be paid for the service; afterwards it will cost an extra € 1.5 plus the ticket price). 

    If payment is not made by the deadline, the booking will be considered as not confirmed and the system will automatically cancel it and make the seat available again.
    For both picked up tickets and the ticketless solution, all the regulations in force (ticket changes, booking changes, refunds) shall apply for the type of service purchased and payment/pick up solutions chosen. 

    NOTE: the invoicing function for tickets purchased through the Postoclick service is not available at the moment

  • CartaFRECCIA and Cartaviaggio (Loyalty Scheme)

    The awarding of points under the loyalty scheme will be done only after payment is made.