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Online invoicing

  • How to request the invoice during online purchase

    You can request the invoice during online purchase or through the App if you purchase with a registered account name, selecting the option “I need an invoice”.

    After choosing the profile type (with VAT number or Tax Code), select the profile from the dedicated list (for profiles with Tax Code) or search for it through the VAT number.  If you do not have an invoicing profile, click on "Create a new invoice profile" and enter the required details on the special form.

    For purchases without registration, and for all other channels, except for the contactless EMV channel, you can request an invoice by midnight on the day of purchase using the Request Invoice function.


    • In the event of technical problems while requesting the invoice during purchase or through the Request Invoice function, fill out the following form.
    • If you already have an invoicing profile and would like to change it, please refer to the "How to change an invoicing profile" section below.
    • To request the invoice under "Split Payment", a Corporate agreement must be signed in advance. Apply for membership.

  • How you can enter your Recipient PEC or Recipient Code

    You can enter the Recipient PEC or Recipient Code in an already registered invoicing profile by clicking on the "Invoice Profile" button or, alternatively, from the link with the same name in the customer area (if you do not see the link in the customer area: 1. click on "Modify", 2. go to the "SELECT SERVICES" section, 3. select the "Fast billing" service, 4. Confirm, 5. check the correctness of the data and confirm again).


    In profiles with VAT number you can enter the Recipient PEC and Recipient Code only the first time.  
    For subsequent changes, write to:

  • How to display the invoice

    You can display your invoice as described below:

    • directly from your Customer Area or in the invoicing section of the App if you purchased online or on the app with a registered account name;
    • by clicking here to check the status;
    • via Recipient PEC or, alternatively, at the system of your intermediary if you have indicated the Recipient PEC or the Recipient Code in your invoicing profile;
    • inside your tax box of the Revenue Agency site if you have not indicated a Recipient PEC or Recipient Code.


    If after 10 days from the date of purchase you are unable to display the invoice in any of the ways described above, send an e-mail to indicating the following details:

    • Purchase date
    • PNR or ticket code for regional tickets
    • Tax Code or VAT number of the invoicing profile used


  • What to do if the invoice has been rejected

    To display the reasons for rejection of your invoice and know what to do, go to the following link and to retrieve the data:

    • In the field “ID Titolo”, enter the Entitlement Number (in the case of a national train) or the Ticket Code (in the case of a regional train) that can be found on the PDF of the ticket at the top right and Tax Code or VAT Number, depending on the invoicing profile used for the purchase; 
    • if you have purchased on board the train, enter the Series and Number of the ticket and Tax Code or VAT Number, depending on the invoicing profile used for the purchase.

    After entering the Security Code, click on “Cerca” and, to generate the new invoice request, change the data of the profile that caused rejection by the Revenue Agency.

    If, on the other hand, the invoice has been rejected due to technical problems, write to indicating:

    • Purchase date
    • Entitlement Number/Ticket Code or Series and Number (for purchases made on board the train)
    • VAT Number or Tax Code, depending on the invoicing profile used

  • How to change an Invoice Profile

    If you need to change the invoicing information of a profile with Tax Code, you can do it yourself using the "Invoice Profilefunction.

    In the case of a profile with VAT number write to, indicating the VAT number and the details you want to change.

  • How to request the invoice for purchases through other channels

    To request the invoice from other channels

    • for FRECCIA Club, FRECCIA Desk, travel agency, ticket office and call center channels, the request must be submitted before the purchase, while for the contactless EMV channel, by clicking here;
    • for Self Service at the time of purchase or at the ticket office by midnight of the day of purchase;
    • on board the train, by midnight of the day following issuing of the ticket, by clicking here.

  • How Credit Notes are issued

    In the case of a refund or change of ticket for which an online invoice has been issued, the system will automatically generate a credit note.
    You can display credit notes by accessing the "My invoices" section of your customer area. In the event of anomalies in the generation of credit notes, after verifying that the credit note is not present in your customer area, you can request it by sending an e-mail only to  by midnight of the day of the request for refund or change of ticket.
    The e-mail, must have "Credit note request" on the subject line and contain the following details: 

    • PNR Code or Ticket Code (for regional trains) of the journey refunded or changed
    • Ticket price
    • Date of refund
    • Amount of refund
    • Invoice identification number
    • Name, Surname or business name
    • Vat number or Tax Code
    • Address, street number, city/town and postal code
    • Telephone number

    For requests not accompanied by the above details, it will not be possible to issue the credit note.
    After confirming that the conditions exist for issuing the credit note, we will send it by e-mail.

  • Information sur la facturation

    La demande de facturation est disponible uniquement pour les détenteurs d’un « codice fiscale », le numéro fiscal italien.
    En France, le document pdf qui est envoyé par email en confirmation de chaque réservation constitue preuve d’achat.