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Connections to Catania Fontanarossa airport

Travel by train to the Catania-Fontanarossa airport.

Thanks to the activation of the Catania Aeroporto Fontanarossa stop, it is possible to reach the airport “Vincenzo Bellini” on any of the 50 train connections per day from Monday to Friday, with the first train connecting Catania Centrale to its airport reaching Fontanarossa at 4:50 am and the last at 9:06 pm. From Catania Aeroporto Fontanarossa, there are 26 connections to Catania running from 6:04 am to 10:42 pm.

From Messina, it is possible to reach the Catania Fontanarossa airport on any of the 10 connections (with the first arrival at 6:44 am and last at 8:58 pm). There are then 14 possible travel solutions for those wishing to go from the airport to the Città dello Stretto (with first departure at 6:04 am and last at 8:42 pm).

From Syracuse to Fontanarossa, there are arrivals from 6:02 am to 8:33 pm. For return journeys, there are departures from 6:10 am to 9:08 pm.

Direct connections are available between Catania Aeroporto Fontanarossa and Caltanissetta, Enna, Caltagirone and Taormina.

Once at the station, an AMTS Catania bus then accompanies passengers to the airport terminal. In a few simple steps, you can purchase tickets for your train trip in a single transaction, combined with the shuttle service ticket, selecting “Catania Aeroporto Fontanarossa bus” as the destination or origin of the journey.

  • Prices and Conditions

    The price of a one-way ticket to reach the Catania Aeroporto Terminal from the Catania Aeroporto Fontanarossa train station is 1.00 euro, which will be added to the cost of the chosen train route. No discounts or reductions apply to the AMTS Catania S.p.A. fare.

    Tickets for the Catania Aeroporto Fontanarossa bus can be purchased with the Trenitalia train service on all Trenitalia sales channels (website, app, Self Service machines in stations, ticket offices, authorised travel agencies, Tabaccai PUNTOLIS and Mooney points of sale).

    Bus service tickets for the Catania Aeroporto Fontanarossa FS- Catania Aeroporto Fontanarossa bus route cannot be purchased individually on Trenitalia’s systems or points of sale. Where represented by a single ticket, the sale of the Trenitalia train service and AMTS Catania S.p.A. shuttle bus service refers to separate transport contracts between each carrier and thus must be considered as such also with regard to relations with customers. Any customer complaints or reports shall thus be handled by the carrier to which they refer.

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  • Maggiori informazioni

    Per maggiori informazioni consulta anche il sito Home - AMTS Catania