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Green and Silver Cards with Railplus discount

With the Green and the Silver card with Railplus discount young and senior can travel saving!

Green card

The Green card ("Carta Verde") with Railplus discountis for young people from 12 to under 26 years and costs 40 euro. It allows discounts of:

  • 10% off Base fares (first and second class) on all national trains, including wagon lits and couchette, on service levels Business, Premium and Standard
  • 25% off on international connections

Silver card

The Silver Card ("Carta d'Argento") with Railplus discount is for customers over 60 years and costs 30 euro (free for customers of 75 years and over). It allows discounts of

  • 10% off wagon lits and couchettes,
  • 15% off the Base Fares (first and second class) on all national trains and on service levels Business, Premium and Standard
  • 25% off with the Railplus discount on international connections.

Both the Green and Silver Cards can be bought at the station ticket desks and from the authorized travel agencies in Italy.

Note: you must present a valid id or passport.

  • How to buy with the discount cards

    To buy with the discount cards, after choosing your train, you have to proceed in the following way:

    • Click on “see other prices and services” in the Choice of travel page
    • In the next page “customize trip” select in the price column "Carta Verde Railplus" or "Carta Argento Railplus" , digit the card number and go to the payment.

  • Validity

    The cards are valid for one year, are nominative and must be shown together with the reduced-fare ticket during the journey. Please note that it is not possible to buy discounted tickets for a date that is after the Card's expiry date.

    In the event of loss, theft and destruction of the Card, by presenting a suitable documentation proof, you can request issuance of a duplicate by paying € 5,00 as cost refund (to customers who have reached 75 years of age, the duplicate is issued free of charge).
    No refunds are allowed.