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The economy ticket

Looking for saving? The Economy ticket is for you!

The offer is available on Frecciarossa and Frecciargento, in 1st and 2nd class and for Business, Premium and Standard service, and couchettes and Wagon Lits.

You can purchase the offer up to two days before the train departs*.

* In a promotional way, on  AV trains,  you can buy the offer until the day before the train departs.

  • How and when I can manage my ticket?

    You can change date and hour once up to departure, choosing a journey on same category of train, according to the ticket change procedure and paying the difference between the full price (Base) applied to the train used and the sum already paid. 

    If you bought your ticket online on this website or with Trenitalia App, you can change it following these steps: 

    • display the trip to edit in your customer area (for purchases with registration) or in the section "Manage your ticket" (for purchases without registration);
    • select the option "Refund /Other changes";
    • select the travellers for which you want to make the change and choose the "Change ticket" choose the new date and / or time of departure and click "continue";
    • choose the train on which to travel and click on "select", decide whether to choose the seat or not and click "continue";
    • pay the ticket.

    You can change the ticket  with a BASE fare, paying the price difference. The terms of the BASE fare apply to the new ticket.

Please note: you cannot apply for refund if you cancel your journey or travel directly on a different train from the one you booked.
The number of seats available is limited and changeable, according to days, trains and class or service chosen. You cannot add other reductions including the one for children.