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Lost Property

  • Lost Property on Frecce and Intercity trains

    Online Lost Property Service for Frecce and Intercity customers

    Luggage and objects found aboard Freccia and Intercity trains are held in depots at the station.

    These depots are located in the following stations:

    Daily from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm

    • Milano Centrale
    • Venezia Santa Lucia
    • Roma Termini
    • Firenze Santa Maria Novella
    • Bologna Centrale

    Daily from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm

    • Torino Porta Nuova
    • Genova Piazza Principe
    • Genova Brignole
    • Verona Porta Nuova
    • Venezia Mestre
    • Napoli Centrale
    • Bari
    • Palermo

    If you have lost an item on board a Freccia or Intercity train, you can search for it with the innovative online service made available by Trenitalia in collaboration with FindMyLost.

    Log on to to search for your luggage or property lost on Frecce or Intercity trains, from any location and at any time.

    After registering for the service with your email and password, you may:

    • Search for your lost item or luggage;
    • If the item or luggage is in the system, message the staff in charge to reclaim your property, attaching proof of ownership;
    • Activate an alert that automatically notifies you by email when an item similar to your search is published in the system;
    • Post on the platform any object found on a train or luggage mistakenly taken so that it can be returned directly to its rightful owner.

    If you have located your lost item or luggage, you can reclaim it in two alternative ways following approval of your return request:

    • Delivery – call the 800 97 33 15, provide your address and complete payment for shipping direct to your home;
    • Collection at Kipoint depots – bring a copy of the summary emails you receive after confirming in-person collection by clicking on “Proceed”.

    Kipoint depot hours are those shown in the table above.

    Any lost property not claimed within 15 days from the found date shall be handed over to the competent office of the municipality closest to the train’s final destination (pursuant to Article 927 of the Italian Civil Code) and shall no longer be available on the platform.

    Courtesy Service for Frecce and Intercity customers

    This service is available at the following stations:

    • Torino Porta Nuova
    • Milano Centrale
    • Venezia Mestre
    • Venezia Santa Lucia
    • Verona Porta Nuova
    • Padova
    • Brescia
    • Genova Piazza Principe
    • Bologna Centrale
    • Firenze Santa Maria Novella
    • Ancona
    • Roma Termini
    • Napoli Centrale
    • Bari
    • Foggia
    • Lecce
    • Reggio Calabria Centrale
    • Pisa
    • Rimini
    • Trieste

    If, when disembarking from a train in one of the aforementioned stations, you realise that you have left an item on the train, promptly request the activation of the procedure by contacting the Customer Service Offices within the station.

    If the search is successful, you will be able to coordinate with the Customer Service Offices staff regarding the time and manner of return.

    Lost objects are retained for the time strictly necessary for their collection.

    NOTE: This service is for commercial purposes and does not replace the provisions of current legislation regarding the recovery of lost property (Article 927 et seq. of the Italian Civil Code).

  • In the event of theft on Frecce and Intercity trains

    Stolen luggage and valuables are insured under a free policy.
    The policy insures luggage and valuables stowed: 

    • in the luggage racks outside the passenger lounges of carriages on Frecciarossa, Frecciargento, Intercity and Frecciabianca trains; 
    • in the couchettes or sleeping cars, provided that the compartment has been closed properly. 

    Conditions for entitlement to the theft policy and maximum payouts

    Trains    Conditions for entitlement      Maximum payouts in the event of theft 

    Frecciarossa, Frecciargento, IC, Frecciabianca

    Luggage stowed in the designated rack.

    Max. €300 per item of luggage
    Max. €600 per passenger.

    Couchettes and sleeping cars

    Break-in into a properly closed compartment.

    Max. €300 per item of luggage and/or money and valuables
    Max. €600 per passenger.


    To begin the insurance claim, you must: 

    • immediately report the incident to the service personnel on board the train, or to the Customer Service or Ticket Office personnel at your arrival station;
    • file a report with the Railway Police or other Police Authorities within the three working days following the incident; 
    • submit a request for compensation to any Trenitalia Ticket Office or Customer Service Office within 15 days of the date of the theft, along with a detailed list of the stolen items and an indication of their respective values, with your original ticket attached. The original ticket may be replaced by a photocopy authenticated by the receiving facility (ticket office/customer service office), and is considered an essential element for the compensation due to be processed. In the event that the ticket was stolen along with your luggage, you must duly note this in your declaration of the theft.
      If you made use of the ticketless option, it is sufficient to indicate the PNR code on the compensation request form.
      Alternatively, you may send the original documentation to the following address within 7 days of the date of the theft:

      Trenitalia S.p.A. – Direzione Business AV
      Customer Service e Vendita Diretta AV
      POST-VENDITA - Furti bagagli
      Piazza della Croce Rossa, 1 - 00161 Roma

      In the case of a postal application, the postmark will be used to confirm compliance with the deadlines indicated above.

    You can ask for further information at the Trenitalia Ticket Offices, the Customer Service Offices and authorised travel agencies.

  • For Regional trains

    Travellers who realise that they have lost or forgotten something on board regional trains can contact the Trenitalia Regional team through the following means:

    • speak to the Regional Customer Care service at the station
    • contact the team by social media through a message on Instagram: @trenitaliaregionale or Facebook: @ilregionaleditrenitalia
    • phone the free call center at 800 89 20 21

    The services have a commercial focus and do not replace the provisions of current legislation on the discovery of lost property (Italian Civil Code, Art. 927 et seq.). It will help to provide the ticket/season ticket data to enable the request to be linked to the travel document.