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The new taste of travel

From simple snacks to full meals: savour the High-Speed taste experience

The new catering service on board Frecciarossa and Frecciargento trains combines an exceptional welcome with the best of Italian cuisine.

Exclusive recipes and unbeatable comfort make for a mouth-watering travel experience: sip an authentic Italian coffee as you admire the view, or pop a bottle of bubbly in our FRECCIABistrò.

Explore what we have to offer and choose how to make every moment of your journey even more special.


Executive travellers can enjoy light recipes packed with flavour in dishes created by Chef Carlo Cracco, made with local, seasonal ingredients and true Italian creativity. 
You can look forward to a unique atmosphere with a selection of DOC and DOCG wines, craft beers, new cocktails and fine Illy coffee. What’s more, there are exclusive menus for different times of day and an open bar with our staff on hand to serve you in the style of the finest restaurants: with porcelain plates, steel cutlery and real glass.

Business and first class

Italian style and Italian specialities to welcome you on board Frecciarossa and Frecciargento trains. Savour the journey with our meal boxes!
Fresh food products, with something different for each part of the day.

In the boxes, made from 100% recyclable FSC cardboard, you’ll find both sweet and savoury products made with artisanal care from top-quality seasonal ingredients, including gluten-free and lactose-free options, accompanied by the best teas and coffees of Italian café culture. Water is provided in RPET bottles, made from 100% recycled and 100% recyclable plastic (PET).


A couple of tasty treats, with sweet and savoury snacks, will make your journey all the more comfortable.


The perfect place to treat yourself to a break, in the middle of the train.

During the journey, the bar is always open. Come and explore the products and menus designed for every part of the day. You’ll find sweet and savoury snacks, pizzas, sandwiches, hot and cold main courses, salads and charcuterie, with vegetarian and gluten-free options, to be paired with soft drinks, fine wines, cocktails, beers or bubbly, or with Illy espresso coffee.


Order and eat whatever you like, all without leaving your seat! Thanks to the Easy Bistrò* service, you can purchase delicious food and drink items and menu options which have been carefully selected to suit any moment of the day, directly from your seat. Choose from a wide selection of products from the FrecciaBistrò: sweet and savoury snacks, sandwiches, hot and cold main courses, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages.

You can order your food and drink selection from the FRECCE Portal and pay upon delivery at your selected time slot, or purchase them directly from the service personnel as they pass through the carriage.

*Service available on the main Frecciarossa connections.

Frecciarossa: green at heart

When drawing up the new catering service, a high priority was given to the question of sustainability and to finding solutions that embraced the principles of the circular economy.

The criteria for choosing the materials and packaging used as part of the catering service focused on recyclability and a high content of recycled raw materials. A perfect example is the new bottles made from 100% recycled and completely recyclable plastic (RPET), as well as the widespread use of recycled paper materials sourced from responsibly managed forests.

What’s more, an emphasis has been put on the separate collection of waste on board, so that these materials can be recycled in turn and enjoy a “new life” after their use. In the carriages where the catering service is provided, our personnel ensure separate waste collection thanks to a special trolley that allows 6 materials to be collected separately: plastic, paper, glass, aluminium, organic matter, other (general waste).

  • What is R-PET?

    • R-PET is a plastic that’s suitable for food contact,
    • ideal for producing water bottles,
    • completely recyclable material thanks to which every bottle can enjoy a new life.


    • Recycled and recyclable
    • Safe and hygienic
    • Suitable for use with food
    • Lightweight and unbreakable

    After use, help us to make sure that this plastic has a chance to become a new recycled and re-recyclable bottle in one of the following ways:

    • in premium and business carriages, you can give the bottle to the catering personnel passing by with the trolley for separate waste collection;
    • in standard carriages, use the separate waste bins you’ll find in all the vestibules (the areas around the doors for embarking/disembarking). Alternatively, you can dispose of them in the FRECCIABistrò carriage;
    • after leaving the train, use the “Ecocompactors”: waste bins specially for the collection of aluminium and plastic bottles, located at the head of the platforms in large stations.