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Buy your regional ticket with the new Tap&Tap

Discover the pilot project on the Verona Porta Nuova - Venezia Santa Lucia route

Try TAP&TAP1, the new fast channel for purchasing Trenitalia's regional train tickets with your Visa, Mastecard or American Express contactless debit/credit card2, directly at the validating machines marked with the TAP&TAP pictogram.

With TAP&TAP, you can buy single tickets at the regular 2nd-class adult fare.
You can purchase one ticket for a single passenger with the same card. The purchase of several tickets or of reduced-rate tickets (e.g. for children) is not permitted. 

  • Directions for travelling

    To travel, follow these simple directions: 

    1. Hold your credit/debit card near the 'TAP&TAP' validating unit before departure and wait for the audible signal, the green light and the message 'TAP REGISTERED CORRECTLY' on the display.

    2. Get on board the train.

    3. At the arrival station, hold the same credit/debit card3 near the 'TAP&TAP' validating unit to confirm the end of the journey and finalise the purchase of the ticket.

    4. Click here to retrieve your travel information.

  • Are you a frequent traveller and want to benefit from the 'best fare'?

    Register your credit/debit card under the 'TAP&TAP' profile in your Trenitalia reserved area, use it to TAP every time you travel on a regional train and, once the sum of single fares for the same route reaches the weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly fare threshold, you will be able to make the remaining single journeys on the same route without further charges during the reference period (week, month, quarter or year).

    Remember that you have to TAP both at the departure and arrival station, even if you have reached the 'best fare'.

    Moreover, by registering your card, you can:

    • check the status of the TAPs carried out in real time;
    • view charges and check travel costs;
    • facilitate any assistance from call centre operators in using the 'TAP&TAP' system.

1 You can use TAP&TAP on the Verona Porta Nuova - Venezia Santa Lucia route and at intermediate stations.

2 For American Express, only physical contactless cards can be used.

3 The same card must be used on departure and arrival. E.g.: If you tapped first with a physical card, the second tap should also be performed with the same physical card.