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Famiglia offer

Offer for journeys by family groups made up of from 2 to 5 persons of whom at least 1 is an adult and 1 is a child of less than 12; this exciting solution includes the free place booking:

  • 50% (30% for couchettes and Wagon Lit) for children under 15;
  • 20% for the other persons.

The minimum price net of the discount is at least 10 euro for each passenger aged over 12, subject to the minimum fares applied on the trains used. 

The offer has limited seats availability, the numbers of which vary depending on the day, train and class.

You can purchase the offer up two days before the train departs*.

Trains you can use this solution on: ICN, couchette and WL.
The Famiglia offer does not apply to journeys on the Excelsior and Excelsior E4 carriages, or for single journeys on the regional trains. The discount is extended also to the regional trains only for journey solutions that involve using regional trains connecting with trains for which the offer is valid.

*up to midnight of the second day before the train departs.

  • Booking change

    You can apply for this once starting from the day of issuance until the train's departure time, for the places available under the Famiglia offer: 

    • online on this site;
    • at the self-service tellers in the stations;
    • by phoning the issuing agency or the Trenitalia Call Center (fee-paying numbers);
    • at the station ticket desks or the authorised travel agencies (for ticketless tickets only at the agency where the ticket was bought).

    The booking change is free. Agencies may charge a commission for this service.
    If there are no places available under the Famiglia offer, you can make the ticket change at the ticket desks and travel agencies.

    The same procedures also apply for the Ticketless , in which case you can ask for the change only with the ticketless procedure without the possibility of printing a card-ticket.

  • Ticket changes

    You can do so only once from the issue date until the train's departure, at any ticket office or travel agency, by paying any applicable price difference.
    Changes of tickets bought on this site cannot be made online and changes are only possible if they involve paying a sum equal to or higher than the amount already paid. To effect a change, you must first pick up the printed ticket, or, for ticketless tickets, go directly to the station ticket desk or issuing agency.

  • Refunds

    If you no longer intend to use your ticket and want to cancel your journey, you can request a refund only until the train's departure with a deduction charge of 20%. You can request a refund of a card ticket at any ticket desk or at the travel agency you bought it from. No refunds are given after the train's departure. Refunds are not allowed on tickets of less than or equal to 10 euro for each traveler. You cannot request a ticket refund if you simply suspend your journey after beginning it.

    For tickets bought on-line and under the ticketless procedure, the special conditions apply as indicated in the "refunds" section of the Basic (standard) ticket.

  • Access to other trains

    With the Famiglia ticket, for the same route you can also directly board another train of the same- or different type, or of a different class or service, from one hour before and until one hour after the departure of the booked train, by paying the difference between the full price for the train used and the amount already paid plus an 10 euros fine. You must however approach the on-board conductor as soon as possible. If, within the terms provided for there are no other trains of the same type, you can travel - at same conditions as those stated above - also afterwards on the first train of the same or lower category that is available for arriving at destination.
    If the amount already paid is equal to or greater than the sum due for the train used plus the surcharge, you will not be charged a fine but you will not have the right to a refund of any sum possibly paid as extra. If you travel in a period other than the one allowed, you will be considered as travelling without a ticket. 

    If you have a ticket ticketless, you cannot travel on the regional and international trains and if found on these trains you will be considered as travelling without a ticket.