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Discover the charm of the Castelli Romani with the Castelli Romani Line

With Castelli Romani Line, you can reach the most enchanting locations of the Castelli Romani. Departing from Roma Termini, in just 30 minutes you can reach Frascati – best known for its sumptuous Renaissance and Baroque villas in the vicinity of the town.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to take a trip out of town in the name of good food and excellent wine, Marino Laziale is the ideal destination, known for La Sagra dell’Uva, the food festival dedicated to grapes.

In the southernmost part of the Albani Hills lies Lanuvio, a pretty village distinguished by its four circular towers and rich archaeological heritage.  One other unmissable destination in the Castelli Romani is Velletri.

With villas, parks, events and festivals, the Castelli Romani offer a vast network of itineraries as well as a food and wine tradition to be savoured. It is impossible to be bored!