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Same-day return Offer

With the  Same-day return Offer you can depart and return on the same day with the Frecce at the following fixed prices which differ according to the connection:    

  • € 69.00 in 2nd Class and Standard level, and € 89.00 in 1st Class and Business level;
  • € 109.00 in 2nd Class and Standard level, and € 149.00 in 1st Class and Business level;
  • € 79.00 and € 129.00 for Premium level;
  • € 159.00 and € 259.00 for Executive level.

You can also take advantage of the day return offer on the following routes:

  • € 99.00 for travel between Rome and Milan and between Venice and Rome with Frecciarossa/Frecciargento trains in 2nd Class and in Standard level
  • € 49.00 for travel between Milan and Venice and between Milan and Padua with Frecciarossa and Frecciargento trains in 2nd Class or in Standard level

These prices do not apply to journeys with a lower day return price. Seats cannot be booked in salottini. 

The day return offer has limited seats which vary according to day, train and class or service level, and cannot be combined with other discounts, including those for young people.  

  • When and how to purchase

    The offer allows you to purchase day returns up to midnight on the day before train departure on this site, at station ticket offices, authorised travel agencies, self-service points, and by calling the Call Centre (toll number).

    To purchase the day return offer online, you should select the Outbound and Return option in the travel search form, select the day return offer for the outbound journey, confirm and then select the offer also for the return journey.

    The day return offer will be applied to both journeys.

  • When and how to change the ticket

    You can change departure time free of charge only once for each ticket (outbound and return) and until train departure. Change of departure date and ticket, refunds or access to a type of train other than that booked are not permitted.