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Travelling in groups by train is more convenient!

Special offer for groups and schools

If you travel in a group consisting of at least 10 paying passengers, you are entitled to a reduction in the ticket price. 

Ticket prices always include seat reservation and this offer can be combined with the reduction provided for children from 4 to 14 years of age inclusive. In some cases, a free ticket for a travelling companion may also be provided.

In addition to the possibility of reserving seats by paying for tickets immediately, it is also possible to book your journey by only paying a deposit of €5.00 and paying the remainder within the fifth day before departure. 

The number of passengers who will be taking part in the journey and the departure date can be changed before the final balance is paid. The discount offered for groups may be unavailable or limited for certain trains during busy periods.

To make a reservation for a group of at least 10 people, you can create a passenger list by filling out the form available here.

The list will be used by Trenitalia staff who will take care of issuing the group ticket.

  • Estimates

    To obtain an estimate, you can contact the Trenitalia Group Offices, make a request at one of our ticket offices at your local train station or visit a Trenitalia travel agency. 

  • School trips

    School Group Italy and School Group Europe are the two special offers from Trenitalia that have been designed for students of all ages who decide to take the train to travel around Italy or to travel abroad to certain European cities.

  • Travel on regional trains

    School groups of at least 10 people will receive a 20% discount on the cost of the ticket. In addition, this special offer, which can be combined with the reductions for children and teenagers provided by each individual region, includes 2 free companions for every 10 passengers.

    Seat reservations are always guaranteed, except during the busiest times. 

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  • Ordinary Groups

    For groups of at least 10 paying passengers travelling together, the “Ordinary Groups” offer is available from the link below: