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The Trenitalia electronic ticket

Ticketless is the purchasing solution that lets you board your train without having to pick up a printed train ticket. It operates for all trains both in 1st and 2nd class as well as for the Couchette, Wagon Lits and Excelsior services. 

Ticketless tickets can be bought conveniently on this site, by calling the call center ((+39 06 68475475) or from the certified travel agencies- thus avoiding waiting times for picking up at the self-service tellers or for buying at the desks.

  • How it works

    • For on-line purchases you will be sent an e-mail of purchase confirmation with all the information on your journey
    • For purchases through travel agencies you will be sent your booking code (PNR) and, if requested, your Booking Change code (CP) along with indications of the carriage and the place/s assigned. The payment receipt will be sent to your e-mail address, if given it in or to the e-mail address of the agency.
    • For purchases made through the Call Center you will be given the booking code (PNR) and, if requested, your Booking Change code (CP) with the indications one the carriage and places assigned. You can also be sent a payment receipt to the e-mail address given, if you request it.

    In any case you can receive, free of charge, an SMS directly on your mobile phone with the journey details. Once you board, simply notify your Code to the on-board personnel, who will print our your payment receipt if it has not been previously requested or will register your presence on board.

  • Ticket issuance

    The ticket is not issued but you can choose whether to obtain a payment receipt by e-mail or on board the train. Please note that for ticketless purchases made at agencies, payment receipts cannot be issued on board. After checking the PNR code against their on-board list, the on-board personnel will issue a payment receipt for no charge or will register your presence.

    If you have lost or forgotten your payment receipt or the PNR code, you will be considered as being without a ticket and thus have to pay for one ticket plus the applicable fine.

    It is also possible to buy tickets with the ticketless procedure on the following international trains:

    • Thello trains between Italy and France
    • Eurocity trains between Italy and Switzerland