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How to lodge a complaint

You can submit a complaint, in Italian or in English, using:

  • the appropriate webform 
  • the form, available here, at ticket offices and at the Customer Service offices located in larger train stations, can be presented to one of Trenitalia’s customer contact channels or sent by registered mail with return receipt:
    • for regional transport services, to the address of the relevant Regional/Provincial Management office responsible for the travel destination concerned;
    • for medium and long-distance transport services, to the following address: “Trenitalia S.p.A, Ufficio Reclami e Rimborsi, Piazza della Croce Rossa 1, 00161 ROMA”.

You may also submit a complaint in writing without using the form, by registered mail with return receipt to the aforementioned addresses or through Trenitalia’s customer contact channels, provided it contains the following minimum requirements:

  • the identification details of the passenger(s) (name, surname, address) and a representative, if any; in case of the latter, please also attach an authorisation document delegating powers to the representative in question and a valid form of personal identification of the user;
  • reference information regarding the journey made or planned (date, time of departure, origin and destination) and of the transport contract (booking code or ticket number) or a copy of the ticket. Any indication of the train number can make it easier to process the complaint;
  • description of the disruption to service suffered and/or the discrepancy detected as compared with European or national legislation, Trenitalia’s General Conditions of Carriage or Service Charters.

  • Reply times

     Trenitalia provides a reasoned reply to complaints, indicating whether the complaint has been accepted or rejected, within 30 days or, in justified cases, informs the passenger that he or she shall receive a reply within 90 days from the date of receipt of the complaint.

    A complaint is considered to have been received:

    • on the day of dispatch, if submitted via webform;
    • on the day of delivery to Trenitalia, if sent by registered mail with return receipt;   
    • on the day indicated on the receipt of a complaint presented at customer service offices or counters; 
    • within 5 days from the date indicated on the receipt of a complaint presented at the ticket offices.

      Automatic compensation for late reply or no reply (for complaints received from 1 January 2022)

    In the event you receive a reply from Trenitalia between 91 and 120 days from receipt of the complaint, you are entitled to automatic compensation equal to 10% of the ticket price.

    In the event you receive no reply from Trenitalia within 120 days from receipt of the complaint, you are entitled to automatic compensation equal to 20% of the ticket price.

    With regard to complaints relating to season tickets, the compensation to be paid, should the response to the complaint be provided after 90 days from receipt of the same by Trenitalia, has been established as a fixed amount equal to:

    • €4 for a reply provided between 91 and 120 days from receipt of the complaint;
    • €8 for a reply provided after 120 days from receipt of the complaint .


    Compensation shall be paid through a voucher that can be used within twelve months from the date of issue, for the purchase of travel tickets for Trenitalia services.

    In any event, compensation for late reply shall not be recognised if: 

    • the amount of compensation is less than €4; 
    • the complaint is not sent in the proper manner and/or does not include the minimum required content details; 
    • the passenger has already been paid automatic compensation for a late reply/no reply to a complaint concerning the same journey.

  • The Conciliation Process

    30 days after Trenitalia’s receipt of a complaint relating to journeys with departure and destination within Italy on Trenitalia trains, you can resort to the Conciliation process if you have not received a reply or if you believe that the reply is not satisfactory.

    • Click here for further information on Conciliation.

  • Appealing a complaint: the Italian Transport Regulation Authority (“ART”: Autorità di Regolazione dei Trasporti)

    Only after first submitting a complaint to Trenitalia, can you forward your complaint to the Italian Transport Regulatory Authority (ART: Autorità di Regolazione dei Trasporti) through their Telematic Complaints Acquisition System (SiTe), accessible from the website:, or by sending the appropriate “Complaint form” - also available from the abovementioned website - to the following address: Via Nizza 230, 10126 Turin, or by email:

    • if you believe that the reply your received is not satisfactory;
    • if you have not received a reply within 30 days from the date of submission of the complaint.

  • Addresses of the Regional Departments

    • Abruzzo: Via E. Ferrari snc - 65124 Pescara
    • Alto Adige: Via Garibaldi 3 - Garibaldistr. 3 - 39100 Bolzano/Bozen
    • Basilicata: V.le Marconi, Stazione Potenza Centrale - 85100 Potenza
    • Calabria: Via Mercalli 48 - 89129 Reggio Calabria
    • Campania: Corso Novara 10  - 80143 Napoli
    • Friuli Venezia Giulia: Via Giulio Cesare 5 - 34123 Trieste
    • Lazio: Via Giolitti 60 - 00185 Roma
    • Liguria: Via Del Lagaccio 3 - 16134 Genova
    • Marche: Via Einaudi 1  - 60125 Ancona
    • Molise: Via Novelli 2 - 86100 Campobasso
    • Piedmont: Corso Spezia 2 - 10126 Torino
    • Puglia: Via Giulio Petroni 10/b - 70124 Bari
    • Sardinia: Viale La Playa 17 - 09123 Cagliari
    • Sicily: Via Oreto Nuova - Fondo Alfano s.n.c. - 90123 Palermo
    • Tuscany: Viale Spartaco Lavagnini 58 - 50129 Firenze
    • Trentino: Via F.lli Fontana 54 - 38121 Trento
    • Umbria: Vittorio Veneto, Stazione FS - 06124 Perugia
    • Valle d’Aosta: Manzetti 1 - 11100 Aosta
    • Veneto: Sestiere Cannaregio, 2 Venezia Centro - Ponte della Libertà - 30121 Venezia