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How to make a complaint or suggestion

The exceptional situation caused by the COVID 19 health emergency has led to a huge volume of requests. As a result, our response time could be over 90 days, going beyond the ordinary 30 days. Trenitalia is doing its utmost to reduce the response time as far as possible, in line with the number of requests received and the reduced operations of our offices.

If you wish to submit a complaint/suggestion you can:

  • use the online form
  • present it at the Trenitalia Station Ticket Offices or Customer Service Offices;
  • send it by ordinary post: for Regional Transport, to the Regional/Provincial Department responsible for the destination of the journey; for National Transport, to: "Trenitalia S.p.A, Ufficio Reclami e Rimborsi, Piazza della Croce Rossa 1, 00161 ROME".

Trenitalia will reply within one month of receiving your complaint/suggestion, or notify you of when you will receive a reply, within a maximum of three months, if it is not possible to reply sooner.