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The Base ticket: max flexibility before train departure

The Base ticket has got much more flexibility!
Before departing you can change your ticket as much as you like free of charge!
With Base ticket you travel on all trains, excluding Executive service.

When and how I can change my ticket

Before departure you can change your Base ticket free of charge and unlimited times; after departure, up to 1 hour, free of charge once at train ticket office at the departure station only. 
If you bought your ticket online you can change it in the customer area on this website.

To apply for a refund

If you no longer intend to use the ticket and want to cancel the journey, you can request a refund before departure with a deduction charge of 20%. After departure refund is not allowed.
The tickets whose price is equal or less than 10 euros are not refunded. 

Access to ther trains

If you want to travel on a different train from the one you booked and you have not changed your ticket, you can do it from 1 hour before up to 1 hour after your train departure by paying a surcharge of  10 euros and the difference between the full price applied to the train used and the sum already paid.