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Brindisi Air&Port link

Reach Brindisi airport from the train station in just 15 minutes. The Brindisi Air&Port link – the train + bus service – has been in operation since 15 January, connecting Brindisi station with the Costa Morena port and Papola-Casale airport. The circular shuttle service makes the following stops:

Brindisi Aeroporto Papola-Casale – Brindisi Stazione FFSS – Brindisi Piazza Capitanerie di Porto – Brindisi Costa Morena – Brindisi Piazza Capitanerie di Porto – Brindisi Stazione FFSS – Brindisi Aeroporto Papola-Casale.

  • Prices and Conditions

    The price of a one-way ticket to reach the port or airport by bus from the Brindisi railway station is 1.10 euro. The cost of the ticket will be added to the price of the chosen train route.
    No discounts or reductions apply to the STP Brindisi fare.

    Tickets for these services can be purchased on all Trenitalia sales channels (the Trenitalia website, Trenitalia app, Self Service machines in stations, ticket offices, authorised travel agencies, Tabaccai PUNTOLIS and Mooney points of sales).

    Tickets for the bus service from the Brindisi station to the port or airport route cannot be purchased individually on Trenitalia’s systems or points of sale. Where represented by a single ticket, the sale of the Trenitalia train service and that of the STP Brindisi shuttle service refers to separate transport contracts between each carrier and thus must be considered as such also with regard to relations with customers. Any customer complaints or reports shall thus be handled by the carrier to which they refer.

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