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  • Who is entitled to use an Interrail Pass?

    People resident in Europe, Turkey or Russia can book an Interrail Pass. Passes are nominative and non-transferrable.
    Book a Eurail Pass if you do not come from Europe, Russia or Turkey.

  • Which countries does my Interrail Pass cover?
  • How many travel days does my Interrail Pass include?

    One Country Pass:

    • 3, 4, 5, 6 or 8 travel days of your choice within 1 month

    Global Pass:

    • 4, 5 or 7 travel days of your choice within 1 month
    • 10 or 15 travel days of your choice within 2 months
    • 15 or 22 travel days in a row
    • 1, 2 or 3 months from any day of the week

  • How much does an Interrail Pass cost?
  • Does an Interrail Pass cover children?

    • Children aged 0-4 travel for free and do not need their own Interrail Pass.

    • Up to 2 children aged 0-11 can accompany an adult free of charge. All other children need a Youth Interrail Pass.

    • Children aged 0-11 travelling alone need a Youth Interrail Pass.

    • Children aged 12 and over need a Youth Interrail Pass.

  • Where can I buy an Interrail Pass?

    There are several different ways to buy an Interrail Pass.

    • Mobile-Pass:
      You can book a paperless Interrail Pass by selecting the e-pass option at the checkout. You will then receive an e-mail containing confirmation of your order and a pass number that you can use to download your pass to the Eurail/Interrail Rail Planner app.
      Apple IOS

    • Online bookings with postal delivery:
      You can order the Interrail Pass and have it sent to you by post. Please allow enough time for delivery.

  • How does a Mobile Pass work?

    If you want to travel using a Mobile Pass, you need a smartphone, the Rail Planner app and an internet connection (at least once every three days). Select the e-pass option at the checkout. You will receive an e-mail containing confirmation of your order and a pass number that you can use to download your pass to the app.

    • Activating a Mobile Pass
      To download the pass to the app and activate it, simply follow the instructions in the order confirmation e-mail. You can perform both steps at the same time or save the pass in the app first and activate it later. The choice is yours.

    • Travelling with a Mobile Pass
      The Rail Planner app contains your routes and connections. Tap a connection to save it to the My Trip section of the app, which lists an overview of all of your planned journeys. When you want to make a specific journey, tap it to add it to your pass. This connection then appears as a ticket in the My Pass section and you can present it for inspection on board your train.

    Rail Planner App for iPhone
    Rail Planner App for Android

  • How long is the advance sales period for an Interrail Pass?

    You can buy an Interrail Pass as early as 11 months before your journey begins.

  • Can I use my Interrail Pass for travel in my country of residence?

    One Country Pass
    You cannot use the One Country Pass to travel in the country where you have your place of residence.

    Global Pass
    The Global Pass gives you 2 journeys for the country where you are living. One of these journeys is for departing from your country of residence and the other is for your return to your country of residence.

  • Do I need reservations when travelling with an Interrail Pass?

    You need reservations  to travel on many Long Distance trains in Europe. You cannot travel on these trains without a reservation.

    You can make reservations for almost all European trains up to 2 months before the date of travel (3 months for certain services) via

    The Interrail Pass does not include reservation fees.

  • What must I be aware of when buying and travelling with an Interrail Pass?

    You need to supply the following information when buying a pass:

    - First name and surname
    - Date of birth
    - Country of residence
    - The number of your valid ID document
    - The date of your departure (= start of validity period of pass)

    You will have to show the ID document that you entered on the Interrail Pass when your ticket is inspected on the train.

  • Are there any benefits made available by Interrail partners?

    Your Interrail Pass gives you the possibility to have discounts, such as for hotels and museums. An overview of all Interrail business partners is available in the discounts section of interrail web site or on the Rail Planner app.

  • Can I exchange or cancel an Interrail Pass?

    • Exchange before the first day of validity: free of charge

    • Cancellation before and on the first day of validity: subject to a fee of 15%

    • Exchange or cancellation after the first day of validity:
      not possible