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Our Call Centres

89 20 21: active every day, 24/24 h

Please contact our Call Centre for the following services:

Option 1 – Purchases, reservation changes and refunds
Option 2 – Information
Option 3 – CartaFreccia and Trenitalia.com assistance

From fixed line the cost of the connection (VAT included) is of 30,5 Euro cents and of 54,9 Euro cents per minute. From mobile network, the costs vary from operator to operator. The charging starts after having chosen the desired option.

If you’re abroad and want to contact our call centre, please call +39.06.68475475 everyday from 7am to 11.59pm.

199 89 20 21: active every day, 24/24 h

The number 199 89 20 21 (or the 06.3000 for users not enabled to call the 199) , is active every day, 24/24h with the following services:

Option 1 –information on schedule; 
Option 2 – Information on train circulation, arrival or departure platforms; 
Option 3 - Reservation change, refund request or information on conciliation; 
Option 4 – Listen to Radio FS News with all the last news on train traffic; 
Option 5 – Reserve the service of assistance for people with reduced mobility (from 6.45 to 21.30 everyday);

The options 1, 2, 3 are managed via automatic responder.

From fixed line the costs (VAT included) are of 10 Euro cents and from mobile network the costs vary from operator to operator. For the number 06 3000 please refer to the urban or extra-urban fee defined by the telephone operator of customers.

Before calling the Call Centres, please read carefully the privacy notes.

199 30 30 60: for customer with reduced mobility

Please contact the National number RFI 199 30 30 60 to ask for assistance for customer with reduced mobility; active every day from 6.45 to 21.30. Or the free toll number of Blue Halls of RFI 800 90 60 60, accessible only via fixed line. 

Online assistance

Ask for assistance on online purchases and on Cartafreccia programme or forward a claim online using the form online.