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Online invoicing

If you purchase your ticket online you can receive the invoice for your journey in electronic format.

Before proceeding to payment select the “With invoice” option in the Invoicing box. After selecting the Profile Type (Natural Person or Legal Person), select one of the invoicing profiles from the relevant drop down menu (for a Legal Person, you must first enter the VAT number). If no invoicing profiles associated with your account exist, you can set them up by selecting the Create new profile option from the same drop down menu.
After entering the required data and before proceeding with your purchase, remember to register the profile by clicking on the button “Register Profile”. A message will confirm that the profile has been registered correctly.


You may request the issuing of an invoice only upon purchase. 

Invoices cannot be issued for purchases made:

  • without registration
  • via the Posto Click service, through mobile phones or with our Call Center (fee based service).

Invoices are issued only to registered invoicing profiles.