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The weekend round-trip offer!

From today, the weekend round-trip offer allows you to change the time of your departure on the outward and return journeys! 

Leave on Saturday and return on Sunday at affordable prices, on all Frecciarossa, Frecciargento and Frecciabianca: 

  • 69 € in 2nd class and Standard and 89 € in 1st class and Business;
  • 109 € in 2nd class and Standard and 149 € in 1st class and Business. 
  • 79,00 € and 129,00 € in Premium;
  • 159,00 € and 259,00 € in Executive.

These prices do not apply to the relations for which the round-trip Base price is lower than the above mentioned ones. The offer is for limited seats which vary according to the day, the train and the class or level of service. 

To know more about all relations and prices, please refer to the price list on the page of the General Conditions of Journey.

How and where to buy

You can purchase the offer up to two days before the train departs* on this website, at ticket offices and self service machines at the station, in authorized travel agencies or by calling the Call Centre (toll call).

*up to midnight of the second day before the train departs.

Ticket changes

You can change free of charge the departure time once for each ticket (round-trip) and until the departure of the train.
The change of departure date, ticket, reimbursement or access to a train other than the one you booked is not allowed.