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Pass X te - weekend

Unlimited travel: + flexibility + freedom + convenience

Pass X te - weekend is a nominative pass allowing you to make an unlimited number of journeys, in a single weekend (Saturday and Sunday) of your choice, on all destinations of the FRECCE network (in 1st class/Business and 2nd class/Standard), Freccialink, Intercity and regional trains (including Trenord services). Intercity Night, International and Malpensa Express trains are excluded.

The Pass price differs according to the class/level of service and age of the holder:

  • Pass under 26 years: € 99.00 in 2nd class/Standard and € 139.00 in 1st class/Business;
  • Pass from 26 years and over: € 129.00 in 2nd Class/Standard and € 169.00 in 1st class/Business.

The Pass cannot be returned or changed. Once you have selected your first journey, you cannot change the date of weekend of use.

You can apply for a refund of the Pass, with a 20% deduction, only before its activation (issuance of first ticket).

  • How to buy Pass X te

    You can buy the Pass, even in ticketless mode, at ticket offices, authorised travel agencies, on this site or by calling the Call Centre (charged call). The Trenitalia App is excluded.

    If you want to buy the Pass on this site, do the following:

    • select the type of service: Business or Standard;
    • select the type of Pass: Pass X te or Pass X te under 26;
    • enter the Pass holder's details: first name, surname, date of birth and e-mail;
    • proceed with payment.

  • How to use the Pass

    You can activate the Pass, no later than 120 days from the date of purchase, by booking the first journey at least two days in advance of departure.

    You can make all subsequent journeys only on the weekend selected at the time of activation, and you can book them without any restriction on advance booking.

    The Pass allows you to make an unlimited number of journeys and includes four free bookings/tickets; a maximum of € 5.00 per booking/ticket will be charged for all subsequent journeys.

    As a promotional offer, you are entitled to 20 rather than 4 free bookings/tickets.

    You can request the issue of each reservation/ticket at any ticket office, the issuing agency, through self-service, on this site or by calling the Call Centre.

    The journeys can only be made out by the holder of the Pass. Remember to board the train with the Pass (or its code if you buy in ticketless mode), the ticket issued using the Pass and a valid ID.

    To use the Pass on this site, you should:

    • select "Use Pass X te";
    • enter the Pass number and first name and surname of the holder in the appropriate fields;
    • select the first journey to be made in a weekend in the 120 days following the date of purchase of the Pass.

    Subsequent journeys must be made in the same weekend selected.

  • Change tickets made with the Pass

    Freccia and Intercity Train tickets made using the Pass can be changed or refunded with the times and conditions of the Base ticket.

    Regional train tickets
    made with the Pass, can be changed or refunded according to existing conditions.