Park your car with Trenitalia and ParkCloud when you travel by train!

Secure parking at the best price

Trenitalia, in collaboration with ParkCloud, offers parking services at affordable prices.

If you are a customer aboard the Frecciarossa, Frecciargento, Frecciabianca, Intercity or Intercity Night, you can park your car close to the most popular Italian train stations while taking advantage of discounts and extra services.

Parking is available in 49 stations: Ancona, Bari, Bergamo, Bologna, Brindisi, Catania, Civitavecchia, Firenze, Genova, Mantova, Messina, Milano, Napoli, Padova, Palermo, Pescara, Pisa, Reggio Calabria, Reggia Emilia, Roma, Salerno, Savona, Siena, Taranto, Torino, Trieste, Udine, Venezia e Verona; check online the complete list of cities also available abroad.