Postoclick regulations

The PostoClick service allows customers to book tickets for seats, couchettes and wagon lits (WL), directly on this website, by mobile phone enabled for internet browsing at address or through the Call Center (pay number), and to later finalize their purchase by paying and picking up tickets (bookings and related train tickets) at the approved points.

It is possible to use PostoClick to book tickets for seats or couchettes and wagon lits for single journeys on Express trains, Intercity trains, Intercity Notte trains, Eurostar Italia trains and Eurostar Italia Alta Velocità trains, but limited to the types allowed for online sale, including promotional offers, except for the expressly excluded ones.
PostoClick cannot be used for international tickets, cumulative service tickets, season tickets, tickets based on integrated Regional Transport tariff systems, and all tickets issued under offers that cannot be sold on the Internet, including those to groups.