Famiglia offer

Offer for journeys by family groups made up of from 2 to 5 persons of whom at least 1 is an adult and 1 is a child of less than 12; this exciting solution includes the free place booking:

The minimum price net of the discount is at least 10 euro for each passenger aged over 12, subject to the minimum fares applied on the trains used. 

The offer has limited seats availability, the numbers of which vary depending on the day, train and class.

You can purchase the offer up two days before the train departs*.

Trains you can use this solution on: ICN, couchette and WL.
The Famiglia offer does not apply to journeys on the Excelsior and Excelsior E4 carriages, or for single journeys on the regional trains. The discount is extended also to the regional trains only for journey solutions that involve using regional trains connecting with trains for which the offer is valid.

*up to midnight of the second day before the train departs.