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FRECCIALounge, who can enter

Entry to the FRECCIALounge circuit is reserved:

  • for Gold and Platinum CartaFRECCIA holders who possess or intend to purchase a Trenitalia ticket;
  • for those who possess an Executive or Business Salottino ticket or a Carnet for 10 trips in 1st Class/Business/Executive with reservation. 

Entry is not permitted for possessors of second class or standard season tickets, except for Platinum CartaFRECCIA holders.

As a promotional offer, you can purchase a single entry to FRECCIALounges at the price of € 20 from the internal ticket office or on

To enter, you should possess a ticket (excluding regional transport tickets), a booking from a Carnet or a First Class or Business season ticket. You can also decide to purchase them directly from the ticket office inside FRECCIALounges.

If instead you are  CartaFRECCIA or Silver CartaFRECCIA holder, you can enter FRECCIALounges and FRECCIAClubs by purchasing one of the following types of season ticket or carnet:

  • Half-yearly season ticket (€ 300, valid for 6 months from the date of issue);
  • Yearly season ticket (€ 500, valid for 12 months from the date of issue);
  • Carnet for 10 entries (€ 200, valid for 6 months from the date of issue);
  • Single entry (€ 20, to be purchased at the same time as a FRECCE and Intercity ticket on or from the internal ticket office).

If you have purchased the yearly or half-yearly season ticket or entries carnet on this site, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with the period of validity and the code of the season ticket or carnet purchased, and your CartaFRECCIA will be automatically enabled for entry to FRECCIALounges and FRECCIAClubs. 
To enter the lounge, just pass your CartaFRECCIA or Silver CartaFRECCIA or enter the code of the CartaFRECCIA or the season ticket or the carnet.