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FAQ App Trenitalia

  • What can I do with the Trenitalia app?

    • Purchase tickets and carnet for your national, regional and international journeys, for direct trains or with changes, as well as season tickets for Frecce, Regional and InterCity services;
    • use the self check-in function in just one click through notification, SMS or via the “Check-in” feature available as soon as the train has departed, directly from your ticket on the Home Page or from the journey as listed in the “My Journeys” section, to communicate your presence on board to train personnel;
    • book regional train tickets with real-time information on the number of available seats;
    • save your favourite journeys and/or frequent journeys and purchase them again the next time in just 1 click;
    • view and change purchased tickets, AV (high-speed) season ticket and carnet bookings linked to your user profile;
    • check your CartaFRECCIA balance and account statement;
    • check the status of trains using the train number or by setting the departure and arrival station, view the timetable board of a station of your choice, turn on train progress notifications and check train traffic information; 
    • display the promotions linked to your CartaFRECCIA, by selecting the “My Promotions” option from the menu on the left;
    • you can also log in via your Business account to make purchases and manage your journeys and you can use both your consumer and business accounts simply by switching from one to the other;
    • choose the ticket office closest to you and book an appointment to skip the queue.


  • How can I purchase tickets?

    From your Home page, click on the magnifying glass icon or on “Purchase” and choose between Tickets, Season tickets or Carnet; fill in the departure and arrival stations by typing the first letters of the station you want and selecting the correct option from the list. By tapping on the heart icon, you can choose your preferred stations or cancel your preference. You can use your recent searches and preferences to help make the process quicker and easier the next time you want to purchase a ticket.

    The proposed travel solutions, which you can choose to view by arrival time or duration of journey, will show you the best available price and train status information for same-day journeys. Choose the offer and service you prefer, or click on “SEE OTHER OFFERS”.

    Before clicking on “Next”, you can select your seat. Log in or, if you prefer, you can continue without logging in. Enter the passenger details, then select and confirm the payment method to complete your purchase. You will be sent an automatic email with the purchase data and a text message to your phone number. If you have logged in before purchasing, you will find your journey in the “My Journeys” section. 

  • I can’t find a station using the search function: what should I do?

    Type the first few letters of the station (e.g. S. Severo) and select the correct option from the suggested list.

  • Which payment methods are accepted?

    You can pay for your tickets using a credit card on the Visa-Mastercard, Amex or Diners networks, via PayPal or Amazon Pay, or using electronic credits, bonuses, gift cards and mobile phone credit (for a spending limit of € 13.45 and for SIM cards enabled to pay value-added services). You can also activate the quick purchase service using PayPal or by saving your credit card and book your journey online with Postoclick, which you can then pay for directly by going to your Customer Area. 

  • Can I add the journey I have purchased to my Apple Wallet?

    Yes, you can add your journey to your Apple Wallet immediately after purchasing it or at a later time. Just click to view details in the “My Journeys” section for the journey in question and click on the “Add to Wallet” button.

    If you make changes to your journey, please remember to add the updated ticket to your Wallet and delete the previous one.

  • Where can I check if a train is on time?

    Directly from your ticket on the Home page or from the list of travel solutions when you carry out a search, if it is a same-day departure; alternatively, you can go to the “Train Status” section. In the “Train Status” section you can check the progress of a train in real time on your day of travel or view all the trains departing from the station of your choice, and you can select the train you are interested in by train number or by the origin and destination station of the service.

    After clicking on “Confirm”, you can also turn on notifications for a particular train, setting one or more days of the week and the time you want to receive notifications. In this way, you will be notified of the status of the train on the day and at the time selected and you can find details in the “Notifications” and “Followed trains” sections, with the possibility of deleting or changing the days and times you wish to receive notifications by clicking the bell icon.

  • How do I add my CartaFRECCIA number to my profile?

    If your CartaFRECCIA code does not automatically appear in your profile details after you log in, it is possible that you have logged in using a user number that was not linked with your CartaFRECCIA when the profile was created.

    In this case, you can log in directly using your CartaFRECCIA code. If you don’t remember the password associated with your CartaFRECCIA code, use the retrieve password function present on the app before logging in.

    Attention: if you have previously purchased journeys by logging in with a user number other than your CartaFRECCIA code, you will not be able to see these journeys in the “My Journeys” area of ​​the app or in your “Customer Area” on ​​the website. In this case, you must log in using the user number used for the purchase.

  • How can I retrieve my password?

    To retrieve your password, just click on “Retrieve Password” before logging in. 

  • How can I update my profile details?

    If you want to change your contact details, i.e. email, password and telephone number, go to the “Account” section in the “My Profile” area after logging in with your user number and click on the pencil icon located next to the field you want to edit. 

  • Where can I check the balance of my CartaFRECCIA points?

    Go to the “CartaFRECCIA” section in the “My Profile” area, where you can view the details related to the CartaFRECCIA associated with your Trenitalia user number and the related account statement.

  • Where can I view the journeys I have purchased using my user number?

    Go to the “My Journeys” section to view all the journeys that are still active or recent that have been purchased through all sales channels, provided they are associated with your user number.

  • I can’t find the season ticket/carnet I have purchased. What do I do?

    You can find all the season tickets and carnets you have purchased using your user number in the “Season Tickets” and “Carnet” sections, as well as being able to view/modify AV (high-speed) season tickets and carnet bookings in the “Tickets” tab in the “My Journeys” section.

  • How can I change my journeys?

    Depending on the type of journey you have purchased, the following functions will be displayed and can be activated using the appropriate buttons in the “My Journeys” section: Change Date/Time (to change the departure date/time only); Change Ticket (to change departure and arrival stations, number of passengers, the offer, etc., of your ticket); Refund (to request a refund before departure, if permitted by the offer you have purchased) and Reimbursement, in case of train delay.

    Depending on the changes you have made, you may be required to pay a supplement (for example, if the change is to a more expensive offer/higher service level) or you may be refunded the difference, in which case, you will be shown the amount to be refunded and the deductions applied, as required by current regulations. The refunded amount, net of deductions, will be credited directly to the card used to purchase the ticket.

  • I did not purchase using my user number. How can I retrieve my ticket?

    To display and manage journeys you have purchased with a user number other than your CartaFRECCIA code, log in with the user number used to purchase the ticket in question, or use the “Retrieve Another Ticket" function in the “My Journeys” section.

  • Can I use a business account?

    Yes, and you can also link it to your personal user profile: go to “My Profile”, “Account”, click on “ADD BUSINESS ACCOUNT” and log in. Once linked, you can use both user profiles without having to log in again. You can view and choose which user profile to use by clicking on the arrow next to your name in the “My Profile” section.

  • How can I use an FS Travel for Business account?

    When the app opens, choose the “Continue without logging in” option and go to the “FS Business Travel” link on the side menu. If you have already logged in to your personal user account, go to My profile, Account section, click on “ADD BUSINESS ACCOUNT”, click on the green link “are you an FS user?” and log in to link the two accounts. After logging in you can use both user profiles.

  • Can I ask for an invoice if I purchase using the Trenitalia app?

    You can request an invoice during the purchase process by selecting the relevant option on the “Payment” page.

  • Can I book an appointment to skip the queue in the ticket office through the app?

    Certainly, just go to the left side menu and select the “ufirst - Skip the queue” entry under “Other Services”: here you will be shown a list of all the ticket offices that offer this service. Choose your city and then the service for which you want to book your appointment. After you have made your booking, you can edit or change your appointment.  

  • How can I contact customer support or send a report on the use of the app?

    Go to the “Contacts” section on the left menu. Here, you will find the number to call our Call Centre or enter the Trenitalia Chat.