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The Night&AV offer allows enjoying reduced prices to those who travel, in one trip, with a night train and a high-speed train.

The offer is valid for people travelling with a night train from Sicily, Calabria or Puglia who continue their journey with a Frecciarossa or Frecciargento train leaving from Naples, Rome and Bologna and going to Turin, Milan, Venice and many other destination of the high-speed network, and vice versa.

The offer is available for seats and lodging in  bunk and  sleeping cars (except Excelsior wagons) on night trains and for the  second class, or  Standard service level, on Frecciarossa or Frecciargento AV trains. 

The offer is not subject to limitation of seats. The ticket is nominative and personal.

  • When and where it’s possible to purchase the offer

    The offer can be purchased until the departure of the first train chosen for the combination of a journey at the ticket offices at the stations, the authorized travel agencies, on self-service ticket boxes, on this site and by calling the Call Centre (toll call).

  • Change of reservation or refunds

    The ticket bought with the Night&Av offer is changeable and refundable. The access to another train is not allowed.