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Travelling with your pets

4-legged friends on board of Freccia trains

On our trains you can travel with your pet.

In particular, small dogs, cats and other small pets (kept in the appropriate container no larger than 70x30x50) are admitted free of charge in the first and second class of all categories of trains and Executive, Business, Premium and Standard levels of service.

Each traveller can bring only one container.

Each traveller is allowed to transport a dog of any size, kept on a leash and muzzled on:

Express trains, IC and ICN in both first and second class; Frecciabianca, Frecciarossa and Frecciargento, in first and second class and Business and Standard levels of service. Executive and Premium levels of service, Silence Area and Sitting Rooms are excluded; Regional trains on the platform or in the vestibule of the last wagon, excluding from 7 am to 9 am from Monday to Friday; in the sleeping cars, couchette cars and Excelsior wagon, for compartments fully purchased.

In such cases, to transport the dog the traveller has to purchase, together with the ticket of the companion (of any type), a second-class ticket paying the price of the train used reduced by 50%, at any ticket office or authorized travel agency (excluding web agencies), even for first-class travels and Business level of service.

In any case, no animals can occupy the seats of passengers. If the animal disturbs the other travellers, the owner, together with the animal itself, following the indications of the train crew, is required to occupy another place, if available, or get off the train.

Animals are not allowed in the Restaurant/Bar Wagons (except for guide dogs for the blind)

Guide dogs for the blind can travel on all trains free of charge with no obligation.

For the transportation of dogs (except guide dogs for the blind), it’s necessary to have a certificate of registration to the canine registry and the health card (or, for dogs of foreign citizens, the "passport of the dog" to replace both documents) to be shown when purchasing the ticket for the animal, where applicable, and during the trip. If found lacking on board, the traveller will be subject to penalty and to get off at the first stop.