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Frecciabianca connections and services

Frecciabianca trains run on the traditional lines outside the high-speed network, ensuring comfort and high-quality service. Over 20 trains per day* connect medium and large cities, ensuring a high level of coverage:

  • 8 trains connect northern Italy and the main towns on the Adriatic coast to Bari and Lecce.
  • 12 trains connect the cities on the coast of Tuscany and Liguria with the Italian capital, with some services continuing on to Milan and Turin;
  • 4 trains connect Rome with the main stations in Campania, Basilicata and Calabria;
  • 2 trains connect Rome with the Adriatic coast.

* the number shown includes both outward and return services provided by Frecciabianca trains.

  • Widespread and frequent connections

    Frecciabianca trains run on the following routes:

    - 12 Rome - Genoa trains with extended service continuing on to Turin (2 trains) or Milan (2 trains);

    - 8 trains between Milan/Venice and the Adriatic coast:

    • 2 Milan - Lecce trains;
    • 2 Milan - Bari trains;
    • 4 Venice - Lecce trains;  

    - 4 Rome - Naples - Salerno - Paola - Lamezia - Reggio Calabria trains

    - 2 Rome - Terni - Foligno - Pesaro - Rimini - Ravenna trains

  • Services on board

    Highly professional and prepared board staff
    Our staff is at customers’ disposal during the whole travel to give information on: journey times, coincidences at the arrival stations and services available for Frecciabianca travellers. 

    Bar Service
    It’s possible to taste the perfect Illy cafe iperespresso and chose among a wide range of other high-quality products. On Frecciabianca trains the restaurant service is available in the comfortable Corner Bar. On the trains Rome - Ravenna, Rome - Reggio di Calabria and Genova – Rome, travellers can eat and drink the shopped products in the Bar Space, seated as they were in a real bar. 

    Cleaning service
    Specialized staff ensures the hygiene of the toilets and the decor of the rooms during the journey.

  • Frecciabianca trains


    • Spacious reclining seats with wide seating
    • Air conditioning
    • Ample space for accommodation of bulky luggage
    • Seats for people with motor disabilities in wagon number 3, where there’s also a dedicated toilet
    • Hooks hangers that are located under the luggage compartment, near the window
    • Socket on seat to recharge the battery of your mobile phone, or work with pc, watch movies, listen to your music
    • Courtesy lights on seat
    • Foldout tables
    • Tilting baby-changing table in the toilet of wagon number 3
    • Sound system to be updated about the travel, the coincidences on stop stations, services and promotions of Trenitalia.

    La Freccia Magazine
    A copy of the monthly magazine of the Italian State Railways Group, available on seat.