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Internet on Frecciarossa and Frecciargento trains

On Frecciarossa and Frecciargento trains you can surf the Internet with your computer or any other portable device with a Wi-Fi card embedded. Thanks to collaboration between Trenitalia and Telecom Italia, on Frecciarossa and Freccairgento trains there is a Wi-Fi network.

How to access Internet

Connect to the Wi-Fi network. Launch the Internet browser, enter any address and you'll see directly the portal home page (if you do not display the portal, please enter or Choose the way how to obtain the access codes in the " Wi-Fi Access” section.

How to obtain the access codes

Free of charge, by entering your mobile telephone number. 
At the token cost of 1 cent by credit card * (the connection is active after having completed the procedure for entry of personal data and credit card, username and password will be sent to the indicated e-mail address). 
Thanks to the access codes, you can surf for the next 24 hours (starting from the first connection) on any Frecciarossa train.
During the 24 hours of validity, you can use the same credentials multiple times, even on different trains: remember not to delete the SMS or Mail till the expiry time. To start browsing enter any web address.

How to configure the WIFI connection

1. First of all, activate the Wi-Fi on your pc (or on other Wi-Fi device); 
2. select "Wi-Fi Frecciarossa/Frecciargento" network from the available connections list on the management panel of the Wi-Fi network; 3. disable the Proxy, if active (open the browser then click on Tools > Options> Network settings).

If you cannot surf…

Check that your terminal is receiving correctly the Wi-Fi signal. Make sure that your browser supports 128-bit encryption (the most recent Internet web browsers already natively support it, that secures banking transactions). Make sure that any proxy settings are disabled on the browser. Check that the TCP / IP parameters (IP address and DNS) are set in automatic mode.

For assistance, please contact Telecom Italia toll-free number 800.287515 - Option 1, active every day from 8:00 to 22:00

The Wi-Fi service on board provides access to the Internet via radio- mobile technology and technical conditions of extreme complexity. For these reasons, the service provided cannot guarantee the use of Internet applications based on the exchange of massive data such as watching movies and videos, video calls, file sharing or online gaming.

* The charge of 1 € cent is the minimum amount required in order to complete a transaction with a credit card and ensure the correct identification of the owner. IT DOES NOT REPRESENT the cost for the Internet surfing service, that is currently being offered free.