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Who has the right of admission

Entry is reserved for holders of CartaFRECCIA Oro and Platino cards who have or intend to purchase a Trenitalia ticket, and to those who have Executive, Business Salottino tickets or are holders of a 10-journey Carnet for 1st/Business/Executive class with reservation.

if you are the holder of a CartaFRECCIA BASE card, you can enter a FRECCIAClub by purchasing one of the following types of season ticket or carnet:

If you have purchased the season ticket or carnet on this website you will receive a confirmation e-mail with the period of validity and the code for the season ticket/carnet purchased and your CartaFRECCIAcard will be automatically enabled for entry to FRECCIAClubs.

For entering the lounges, all you have to do is place your CartaFRECCIA card close to the card reader located outside or, alternatively, type in the code of the CartaFRECCIA card or season ticket or carnet. 

If you hold a First Class or Business ticket (excluding regional transport tickets) or season ticket, or if you intend to buy one at the ticket office inside the Club, you can buy a single entry for € 25 at the internal ticket office.

Entry and stay in FRECCIAClub lounges is permitted only starting from 4 hours before departure of the train for which the ticket was purchased.


For members, holders of season tickets or entry carnets and those who have an individual ticket, entry is allowed to the FRECCIAClub lounge with children under 18 in the 4 hours before departure of the train for which the ticket was purchased.

The member and the child under 18 must have a valid ticket for travelling during the day, or purchase it at the ticket office inside FRECCIAClubs

To learn about the terms of entry to FRECCIAClub lounges, how to use their services and the rules of conduct to be observed inside the lounges, read the Regulations.