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Portal FRECCE – Entertainment at High Speed

With the FRECCE portal, you can make your trip more enjoyable thanks to the several services to satisfy all needs. The best of cinema, TV programmes, music, news on the main facts of the day, information about your trip’s progress updated in real time and Internet WIFI connection. 

The FRECCE portal is available on the Frecciarossa and Frecciargento trains. All services are free.

How to access the FRECCE Portal

To access the FRECCE portal, all you need to do is connect to the train WIFI network (WIFI Frecciarossa or WIFI Frecciargento depending on which train you are travelling on) and launch the Internet browser. By typing in any Internet address you will see the portal home page directly (if you can't see it, type in the url directly www.portalefrecce.it.

Main available services - ALL SERVICES ARE FREE

With the FRECCE portal, entertainment travels at high speed. If you love the cinema, music or if you want to have information about the main news of the day while travelling, the FRECCE portal can offer you a wide range of services arranged into the following sections:

  • Cinema and TV: Italian and foreign films and TV programmes.
  • Music: Italian and foreign songs, organised into playlists
  • News videos: videoreports with hourly updates, organised into News programmes (3/5 editions a day) and in-depth reports in certain areas (e.g. World, Economy, Showbusiness) 
  • Printed news: up to 50 printed news items a day provided via a running ticker on the portal’s pages.
  • WIFI Internet: To access the Internet via the train’s WIFI network1
  • Travel information:  Information about your trip’s progress (punctuality, connections, weather)

The portal services can be accessed free of charge in all travel areas.

To access the Internet or use its “Cinema” and “Music” content, you must authenticate your personal credentials that you can create by registering quickly.


Registration is unique and must be done once only. Credentials created during registration (mobile phone number and password) can be used to access the portal on all  Frecciarossa and Frecciargento trains.

You can manage your registration data by accessing the “My data” section on the FRECCE portal that can also be accessed on land by clicking on the following link (www.portalefrecce.it– temporary link)

All the other services on the FRECCE portal can be used free of charge without the need for authentication.

You can register on the portal and use all the services free of charge, also via mobile phone numbers that are not Italian (i.e. They have a dialling code that does not begin with +39). In this case, to validate and certify the user's identity, your own credit card must be entered during registration and a symbolic amount of 5 eurocent will be reserved (no actual charge made)2


Devices that can be used to access the FRECCE portal

The FRECCE portal can be accessed from PCs, Tablets and Smartphones (excluding windows phone smartphones) equipped with integrated WIFI.

The browsers that are fully compatible with the FRECCE portal are Mozilla Firefox (from vers. 33), Internet Explorer (from vers. 10), Safari (from vers. 8.03), Google Chrome (up to version 42). Some portal services may not be available if browsers other than the ones listed above are used.

If you don’t have Silverlight 5 installed on your Notebook, installation of the updated version will automatically be suggested to you.

To use the Cinema and TV area contents with Android devices, you must download the free app FRECCE Portal.

The application is compatible with Android 4.1 software and later versions.

If you encounter access problems

  • Check that the terminal you are using is receiving the WIFI signal correctly
  • Check that any Proxy configurations have been disabled on the navigation browser
  • Check that the TCP/IP parameters (IP and DNS address) are set automatically.

If you can’t access the portal, you can contact assistance on the  TelecomItalia freephone number  800.287515 Option 1, active every day from 8.00 to 22.00.