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Portal FRECCE – Entertainment at High Speed

The FRECCE Portal makes your journey more enjoyable!

For you, we have chosen the best in films, TV shows, music, news of the main events of the day and information about your journey updated in real time, with Wi-Fi internet connection. 

Get on board Frecciarossa and Frecciargento and stay connected with the FRECCE Portal – all services are free!

How to access the FRECCE Portal

To access the FRECCE portal just connect to the onboard Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi Frecciarossa or Wi-Fi Frecciargento depending on the train you are travelling on) and launch the internet browser. The portal's home page will be displayed directly, otherwise enter the www.portalefrecce.it address in the browser bar.

Additionally, there is the new, totally free FRECCE Portal app, which allows you to enjoy the contents and all services of the portal on board. 
Use it at any time to browse the Cinema, TV and Music catalogues!

The access credentials are the same as you use for the web portal.
Download from App Store or Google Play.

Main available services - ALL SERVICES ARE FREE

With the FRECCE portal, entertainment travels at high speed. Whether you like cinema, music or want  information on the main facts of the day during your journey, connect and discover the wide range of services available in the following sections:

  • Cinema and TV: Italian and foreign films and TV programmes;
  • Music: Italian and foreign music tracks divided into playlists;
  • Video news: video contributions with timetable updates, organised in TV news (3/5 editions a day) and thematic insights (e.g. World, Economy, Entertainment)
  • Textual news: up to 50 daily textual news items delivered via scrolling ticker available on the portal pages;
  • Wi-Fi internet: to access Internet via onboard Wi-Fi *;
  • Travel information:  information on journey progress (punctuality, connections, weather).

Portal services are available free of charge in all compartments.

To access Internet or enjoy the “Cinema” and “Music” content you need to authenticate yourself with personal credentials to be created through a fast registration.

The registration is unique and needs to be done only once. The credentials created during registration (mobile phone number and password) are also valid to access the app and can be used to log into the portal on all subsequent journeys on all Frecciarossa and Frecciargento trains.

You can manage your registration on board the train by accessing the "My Data" section of the FRECCE portal or by clicking here.

All other FRECCE portal services are freely available with no need for authentication.

It is also possible to register on the portal  and enjoy all the services free of charge with non-Italian mobile phone numbers (that is, with international prefixes other than +39). In this case, for the sole purpose of validating and certifying the identity of the user, when registering it is necessary to enter a credit card on which the symbolic amount of 5 euro cents will be reserved (so with no charge) **.

* The Wi-Fi internet navigation service is offered by TIM. On Frecciargento trains, the Wi-Fi internet service is not available on the Caserta-Lecce, Salerno-Reggio Calabria and Genoa-La Spezia stretches. However, when the 3G/4G network is available, the train has a mobile signal repeat system that allows individual access to the Internet via a key or directly from a tablet/smartphone equipped with a data traffic-enabled SIM.

** The € 5 cent reserve is the amount needed to complete the credit card transaction and ensure correct identification of the card holder. The reserve is not charged to the credit card holder. It may have a variable duration depending on the card issuing bank.

Devices that can be used to access the FRECCE portal

You can access the FRECCE portal using PC, Mac, Tablet and Smartphone Android* and iOS which have built-in Wi-Fi technology.
The portal is compatible with the major browsers. Cinema and Music services may not be available with all versions of browsers and/or operating systems.
For compatibility details, you can consult the FAQs  from the side menu of the home page of the onboard portal.
The FRECCE Portal App is compatible with Android 4.1, IOS 8 and subsequent version operating systems.

* Remember that with Android devices, the FRECCE portal App is always necessary to enjoy the contents of the Cinema, TV and Music areas.

If you have access problems

  • Check that the terminal in use is correctly receiving the Wi-Fi signal;
  • Check that any Proxy settings have been disabled on the navigation browser;
  • Check that TCP/IP (IP and DNS addresses) parameters have been set in auto mode.

If you still cannot access the portal, you can contact TelecomItalia support freephone number  800.287515 Option 1, which is active every day from 08:00 to 22:00.