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The conciliation procedure

Trenitalia S.p.A. and Consumers’ Associations have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the aim of resolving more rapidly, effectively and amicably any dispute between travelers and Trenitalia.
If your complaint has not had a satisfactory reply or if you haven’t received any response within 60 days after submission, you can access the conciliation by addressing one of the Consumers’ Associations adhering to the Protocol.

How does the reconciliation work?

The request for conciliation must be sent by filling in the application form to be submitted (via fax, registered mail or other electronic means) by the signatory associations directly to the Conciliations Office of Trenitalia - Piazza della Croce Rossa, 1 00161 Rome - fax 06 44103490, or via email to conciliazioni@trenitalia.it attaching the signed form in PDF, TIF, JPG etc. formats. 

WARNING: the inbox is dedicated to the receipt of the conciliation forms. 

In case the Association that represent the customer in the settlement is not indicated, Trenitalia will assign the request to one of the Consumers’ Associations that has signed the Protocol following a turn criterion.

The Conciliation Commission consisting of Conciliators appointed by Trenitalia and Consumers’ Associations will analyse the application forms taking into account the contractual commitments, industry regulations and standards of consumer protection and, according to the principles of equity, will evaluate the possibility of formulating a settlement proposal satisfactory for the parties, which, however, will be submitted to the customer for acceptance or rejection.

Requirements for the reconciliation

The conciliation procedure concerns complaints that meet the following requirements: 

- relating to travels, with departure and destination within the Italian territory, on Trenitalia long and medium-distance trains except Regional trains; 

- indicating a difference between a precise commitment taken by Trenitalia, as reported in the official documents (Conditions of Carriage, commercial information available on Trenitalia site, the Charter of services) and what actually enjoyed by the customer. 

With the summer 2014 timetable (June 15th, 2014), the conciliation procedure is extended to all trains of belonging to the Long Haul Passengers Division traveling from June 15th, 2014 (on Trenitalia long and medium-distance trains, except regional services).