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Entertainment on Frecciarossa and Frecciargento trains

The service of multimedia entertainment on the Frecciarossa portal and Frecciargento portal, offered in collaboration with TIMVISION of Telecom Italia, offers you a wide choice of content to make your trip more enjoyable. 
A palimpsest created to meet every need: from cartoons, suitable for children, to the best Italian and foreign movies.

How to access the entertainment portal

Connect to the Frecciarossa/Frecciargento Wi-Fi network. Launch the Internet browser, enter any address and you'll see directly the portal home page (if you do not display the portal, please enter http://portalefrecciarossa.it or http://portalefrecciargento.it).

Access the "TIMVISION" section (on the right of the home page) and you’ll have at your disposal a wide choice of multimedia content selected for you. There are both pay-per-view and free content divided into 3 distinct sections. 

PromoFreccia section (free): Selection of movies offered in free promotion¹ Iconcerts (free): some extrats of the most beloved concerts Pay-per-view content section Film, TV Series, Documentaries, Cartoons
To purchase pay-per-view content, it’s necessary to subscribe to the service. For subsequent logins, just login by entering the mobile phone number provided at registration (username) and a code that is sent via sms. 

The codes received via SMS have duration of 24 hours within which you can ask to watch a maximum of 2 pieces of content in free promotion. Multimedia content can also be seen several times throughout the following 36 hours (at the first use) on board of all Frecciarossa and Frecciargento trains. 

The pieces of content of the section "Iconcerts" can be seen without any registration.

Devices where to watch multimedia content

Multimedia content can be seen on: Personal Computer with embedded Wi-Fi connection (PC with the following operative systems: Microsoft Windows XP SP3, Vista, Windows 7e Mac OSX Leopard; in all cases, it’s necessary to use the Silverlight 5.1 plug-in).
iPad tablet computer (some movies are not available) iPhone Apple vers. iOS 4 or higher (some movies are not available) Tablet and smartphone Android vers 2.2 or higher In case the Silverlight 5.1plug-in is not installed on your Notebook, the service will automatically propose the installation of the updated version.