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Comfort and speed for our most demanding customers

Speedy connections in comfortable and frequent times

Frecciargento are trains running through both the high-speed and traditional lines travelling up to km/h with connections that shorten the distance between Rome and the major metropolitan basins of the North-East and South sides of the Country. 

Every day it’s possible to choose among 58* connections in comfortable and frequent times: 
1 train every hour from 6 am to 19 connects Rome with Venice, with 8 additional trains during the periods of greatest demand for mobility. Two of them continue to Udine and  two for Trieste from Venice Mestre, 2 continue to Fiumicino Aeroporto, 2 to Naples and 2 to Salerno from Rome. 14 trains, every hour in the peak times, from Rome to Verona with connections to Brescia (4 trains) or to Trento and Bolzano (6 trains from monday to thursday, 8 trains from friday to sunday).
6 trains from Rome to Lecce and 2 trains from Roma to Reggio Calabria stopping in the major basins of Puglia and Calabria.

*The number both the outward and return services performed with trains Frecciargento

Frecciargento trains

ETR 600 trains connect Rome to Venice. They are composed of 7 wagons – 432 seats in total - 2 first class wagons and 5 second class wagons (1 bar/bistro wagon included).

ETR 610 trains connect Rome to Venice, Verona/Brescia. They are composed of 7 wagons – 412 seats in total – 3 first class wagons (1 bar/bistro wagon included), a 4 second class wagons. 

ETR 485 trains connect Rome to Verona/Brescia/Bolzano, Bari and Reggio Calabria. They are composed of 9 wagons – 489 seats in total – 3 first class wagons, 5 second class wagons and 1 restaurant/bar wagon.

Frecciargento are provided with:

Air conditioning (ETR600/610/485)
Sockets for each seat (ETR600/610/485)
LCD touch screen monitor in the vestibule with pieces of information on Frecciargento offers and services (ETR600/610)
The wagons are equipped with monitor to display pieces of information on travel, news, videos and other useful news continuously updated (except for wagon number 3) (ETR600/610)
Courtesy light on the seat (ETR600/610)
Spaces for big-dimensioned luggage both in the wagon and in the vestibules (ETR600/610/485). Wagon number 3 is equipped with 2 seats for disabled people travelling on wheelchairs and 2 seats for helpers (ETR600/610/485)
A toilette each wagon (two in wagons number 2 and 3) and one for disabled people in wagon number 3

Services at the station and on board

At the station
FrecciaDesk for the last-minute reservation change and pieces of information on circulation for all Frecciargento customers. 

Welcome on board
First class travellers have at their disposal the welcome service with cold or hot drinks accompanied by a sweet or savoury snack chosen among the Italian best brands and from the morning up to 13, a choice of newspapers.

Food service
The bar/bistro wagon, in the middle of the train, is dedicated to food services and it’s possible to drink hot and cold beverages and taste snacks, appetizing sandwiches, a wide range of hot and cold courses.

For further information on food services, click here.

Additional services

Frecciargento customers could enjoy many other additional services that complete the travel making it an even more comfortable experience:

car rental
hotel reservation
luggage shipment service with "easy luggage"
easy parking at the departure station
assurance of your travel for 3,70€ only