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2x1 Special Offer

With our 2x1 Special Offer you can get two tickets at price of one. Travel with a friend and pay just one ticket, at the full Base price!

The offer is valid every Saturday for 1st and 2nd class in Business, Premium and Standard, on all national trains.

It does not include Regional trains, Executive service and couchettes, Wagon Lits and Excelsior carriages. The offer has limited seat availability; the number of seats may vary depending on the train and service booked.

When and how to book

You can purchase your ticket using the 2x1 Special offer up midnight of the day prior to train departure on this website, at station ticket desks, authorised travel agencies and self-service tellers or by phoning our Call Center (service at a charge).

To purchase your ticket using the 2x1 Special offer on this website, you must select 2 (adult) passengers and the date you intend to travel from among the dates included in the offer.

Ticket changes

No booking or ticket changes, refunds or access to other trains are allowed under the 2x1 Special offer.