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Your journey made to measure

FRECCIAROSSA are trains that run through the high-speed line between Turin and Salerno travelling up to 300 km/h with fast and frequent connections.

You can choose among 87 connections a day* with scheduled timetables that can be easily memorized: 

1 NO STOP train Rome-Milan and Milan-Rome every hour, with departures every minute "zero" from 6** am to 19, with the possibility of reaching Turin or Naples during peak hours. 
1 train every hour, from 6 am to 20, to Milan Central Station from Rome Termini and vice versa, with stops in Bologna and Florence S.M.N. and Rome Tiburtina, with continuation to Naples and, in some time zones, Salerno.  
During the periods of greatest demand for mobility: 

12 trains between Turin, Milan P.G./Rogoredo, Bologna, Florence S.M.N., Rome Tiburtina with continuation to Rome Termini or Naples Central Station. 4 trains directly connect Turin and Salerno.6 trains Milan-Rome and vice versa with a stop in Bologna with prosecution to Naples 
that makes the offer up to 34 trains between Milan and Rome.

Limited-itinerary trains (e.g. Rome - Naples, Florence - Milan, Turin - Milan, Bologna - Naples) complete the offer for the coverage of the whole day, and additional reinforcements for the departures of the weekend:
5 more trains for Milan, Bologna, Florence and Rome on Friday afternoon, last NO STOP departures from Milan to Rome and vice versa at 21.00, arriving by midnight on Sunday evening.
The advantages of Frecciarossa high-speed trains also extend outside of the Turin-Salerno dedicated infrastructure, thanks to 2 connections Milan - Reggio Emilia AV-Bologna which continue to Rimini, Pesaro and Ancona. 

* The offer is reduced at weekend and in some period of the year. The number of connections includes both outward and return services performed with Frecciarossa.
** First train from Milan to Rome is at 6.08 am.

The four levels of service

Executive for an exclusive travel experience 

Business the ideal way of travelling, for business or pleasure 

Premium for a comfortable travel 

Standard the low-cost high speed

Frecciarossa trains

The trains are composed of 11 wagons - 574 seats in total: 

1 Executive wagon with Meeting Room 3 Business wagons with Silence Area and two Sitting Rooms with 4 seats
1 Premium wagon 5 Standard wagons 1 Restaurant/bar wagon 

The trains are provided with:
air conditioning sockets for each seat led lights
space for big-dimensioned luggage in the wagon vestibules 6 monitors per wagon to display the pieces of information on the travel, news, videos and other useful news continuously updated.
Frecciarossa portal, accessible via WI-FI network, with entertainment services, 3G internet connection and geo-referenced info, 2 seats for disabled people travelling on wheelchairs and 2 seats for helpers in wagon number 3, two toilettes for each wagon and one for disabled people in wagon number 3.

Services at the station and on board

At the station Access to FrecciaClub for travellers with an Executive ticket or staying in the Business sitting room waiting to leave.
Welcome service of Trenitalia personnel at the platform for Executive travellers.
FrecciaDesk for the last-minute reservation change and pieces of information on circulation for all Frecciarossa customers. 

Welcome on board 
For Executive travellers: they have at their disposal for the whole duration of the travel quality products and drinks, iperespresso Illy cafe, gourmet meals served on seats for breakfast, lunch, aperitif and dinner, newspaper and top-class monthly magazines.
For Business and Premium travellers: welcome service with cold or hot drinks accompanied by a sweet or savoury snack chosen among the Italian best brands and from the morning up to 13, a choice of newspapers. On board of no-stop Frecciarossa Rome-Milan, iperespresso Illy cafe served on seat in Business. 

Food service
The wagon number 5, in the middle of the Frecciarossa train, is completely dedicated to food service. It’ll be possible to have lunch, dinner and taste hot and cold drinks, snacks and sandwiches made with high-quality products.

For further information on food services, click here

Additional services

Frecciarossa customers could enjoy many other additional services that complete the travel making it an even more comfortable experience.

car rental
hotel reservation
luggage shipment service with "easy luggage"
easy parking at the departure station
assurance of your travel for 3,70€ only