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Going by regional trains is now more convenient and easy

Travelling by regional train in Italy is more convenient and easier: buy on-line and print tickets or travel cards directly from home. As they are already validated, you can board your train directly! To use the service, you will need an e-mail address, be registered to the website Trenitalia.com (in the Customers Area ) and had a credit card or pre-paid card. The steps to follow are really quick and easy.

One way ticket

After completing your on-line purchase, you will receive an e-mail with a .PDF file attached of the ticket. You then print it and use it directly on board the train or show it on your smartphone, pc or tablet with the Quick Response code with the trip details. The ticket is nominal and the validity s is 4 hours.

For regional tickets purchased on-line:
It is NOT possible to bring forward the departure date. It is NOT allowed to change ticket or class. Ticket refunds are NOT allowed.

In these cases, the refund, subject to check by the main office, will take place solely by the competent Regional head office issuing tickets with kilometre-distance validity having the same characteristics as those bought and not used for journeys of the region while for journeys departing in a region with destination in another, tickets will be issued with adhesive vouchers.

Travel card

To buy a Travel Cards, you must select the train, departure time, validity period, key in the date of birth and make payment. After completing the on-line purchase steps, you will receive an e-mail with attached .pdf file of the Travel-/Discount Card, containing the identification details of the holder and journey. Once printed, you can take it directly on board the train.

If you cannot immediately print the receipt, you can do so on a later occasion, connecting to the website, in the section called "Customers Area" (where you will find the list of your purchases on-line and the related .pdf file). However, please remember to print it out BEFORE train departure so as to board the train with your journey Card.

The printout of the receipt, which is your travel card, bears the traveller's name, the price paid and the validity; you must show it, together with a valid recognition document, every time you are requested by the on-board personnel.
Once printed, you can cut the Travel Card along the dashed/dotted line.

In the purchasing procedure, the choice of the train is used only to identify the route. It does not restrict you to travel only on the selected train.

It is possible to buy monthly Travelcards valid only on the Regional trains for journeys up to 250 km with departure station in one region and destination in another.
It is NOT possible buy weekly Travelcards with departure stations in one region and destination ones in another.
Refund are allowed only in cases of mistaken purchase (purchase of two Travelcards made out to the same person)

In these cases the refunds, subject to check by the head office, will be granted solely by the competent Regional head office, which will issue a kilometre-distance Travelcard having the same characteristics as the one bought and not used, whereas adhesive voucher Travelcards will be issued for journeys departing from a region with destination in another.

PLEASE NOTE: As well as the ticket or Travelcard, you must always show a valid identity document.

Not included in the service are the Integrated Travel Cards, valid in particular localities.